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Presented at RECONNECT 20

Cape Cod Health successfully implemented PeopleSoft Lease Administration 9.2 in eight short weeks for a 10/01/2019 go-live. Driving the project was a proven methodology specifically designed for lease administration along with detailed client preparation. In this session we will discuss the overall approach; the timeline; the resources required; the project structure; major tasks & activities; success factors; knowledge transfer and lessons learned. This presentation will assist your organization with understanding how to leverage and implement PeopleSoft Lease Administration to support the new accounting standard.

Provide concrete examples demonstrating how an organization can successfully implement PeopleSoft Lease Administration.

Share tips and advice related to Lease Administration in addition to giving the audience a chance to ask questions relating to their own situation.

Presented by

Shannon Roche, MIPRO Consulting

Steven Brenner MIPRO Consulting

Oct 27 @  2:00pm

Financial functions are the heartbeat of any company, and having fast, accurate information is critical to agile decision-making. Unfortunately, many businesses undergo the manual process of downloading data into Excel and massaging it to present it to decision makers so they can make informed decisions. However, what if you want to create a new report…

Presented at RECONNECT 20

SRNS uses OBIEE Agents to deliver data directly to end users on a scheduled basis. Users no longer log in, navigate, select and manually retrieve data – it automagically appears in their inbox at pre-determined times, reducing frustrations and generating cost savings.

Express the automatic abilities of OBI.

Explain how our company utilized this ability.

Encourage the audience to think about doing the same.

Presented by

Jennifer Scott, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Jeff Evans Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Presented at RECONNECT 20

This session will focus on how to take advantage of KIBANA with PeopleSoft Financials. The session will provide a step by step from Virtual Box to the sample Accounts Payable Kibana Dashboards. We will also cover tips and techniques in support of performance.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Manage and Evolve your PeopleSoft Application Portfolio.

This presentation will highlight best practices for PeopleSoft Application Support, Hosting on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, On-Going Training and Testing-as-a-Service. Your presenters will discuss how we successfully utilize a world-class issue management platform, robust metrics tracking, monthly data analytics, and communication strategies. Attendees will understand why SpearMC chose Jira Service Desk for PeopleSoft Application Support and how to build a balanced internal support organization.

Our case study details steps that a large Healthcare System took towards stability and optimization with PeopleSoft Managed Services and Application Support using Jira Service Desk. This large HCM and FSCM customer was able to significantly lower on-going support costs, streamline business processes, improve end-user satisfaction and upgrade their PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM platform.

Learn to realize the benefits of PeopleSoft Managed Services. SpearMC is a managed services specialist within the PeopleSoft ecosystem. We combine consultative services with 24x7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous support model.

Hear from our customer: “Working through support tickets used to be a major bottleneck in getting our roadmap executed. Since partnering with SpearMC, we have a track record of meeting business needs and discovering PeopleSoft's Art-of-the-Possible"

Understand our approach to build a service platform that is geared for organizations lacking expertise to support their PeopleSoft platform or looking to refocus IT resources on innovation vs. testing, hosting, maintenance and support.

Presented by

Cameron McClurg, SpearMC

Gary Dranikoski SpearMC

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Come and see a live demo of the highly requested Run Control Framework, the whole nine yards of deleting the run controls.  We’ll show you the configuration and exceptions, and explain the selection criteria.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Do your users want to run their own queries? Does it make you feel uneasy to open up Query Manager? Let's be honest - they may create the perfect Cartesian join to bring down the whole system!

This Quick Tip session is for you. A Business Analyst covers how The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill implemented a Query WorkCenter using delivered PeopleTools functionality.

(1) Users are empowered to run the queries they want... no more, no less.

(2) The Business Analysts maintain the setup and security from a simple configuration page.

Join us and find out how to leverage what we learned.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Join Paco Aubrejuan, senior vice president of Oracle Applications, as he kicks off the Reconnect Conference.  Paco will provide an update on the PeopleSoft strategy and roadmap and will highlight key product capabilities that have been delivered over the past 6 months.  You will also hear a preview of some of the exciting news of the conference including an update on Innovators, PeopleTools and Cloud Manager plans, as well as new content channels that the PeopleSoft team is working on, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.  This session compliments and will build upon the update that Paco provided for Quest Forum Digital Event.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

If you're a technical or functional user that is looking to learn some tips and tricks of Query Manager, this session is for you. If you are confident in your ability to write queries to retrieve transactional information about student/employee/vendor/supplier; and are looking for ways to be more sophisticated in your data retrieval, then this is the session is also for you!

We will begin with some basic tips and tricks for query writing, and then move to some more complicated topics, like creating smart prompts, or using expressions wisely. Finally, we discuss some advanced topics such as using query manager on 4-tier vs using query builder tool within Application Designer for PeopleTools 8.57, as well as look at the new classic-plus view of query manager.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Are you looking for a way to “wow” your eProcurement Users? Or are you being asked to provide an easier way for your casual users to interact with the Requisition systems?  We think we have something to impress even the most hard-to-please requesters in your organization. Come to this session to hear the latest updates in PeopleSoft eProcurement including the latest Fluid eProcurement deliverables, where we’ve moved many of the Classic ePro Requisition functionality into the Fluid Requisition. We will demo the first PeopleSoft FSCM Chatbot, enabling Requesters to use voice or text interaction to do inquiries around their current Requisition and PO status. We plan to share our plans for more functionality incorporating Emerging Technology tools and will share the next generation “look and feel” that is sure to wow your ePro users.