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Successfully managing your fixed assets on a global scale requires powerful tools and capabilities in PeopleSoft Asset Management, Lease Administration, and Maintenance Management. In this session, you will learn of the new and planned features to manage your asset portfolio in the most efficient manner possible.

Feb 1 @  2:00pm

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Pre-Authorized ACH Bank Debits (like tax payments, insurance payments, USPS bulk mail, online services, etc.) are generally not recorded through AP. These types of payments are made online, outside the purchasing and AP process. However, vendor payment history, audit tracking and 1099's can be made available by utilizing the AP Vouchering system…

Jan 22

Treasury SIG Meeting - ISO

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Want to know how companies on Oracle PeopleSoft are specifically utilizing their solutions? Our annual PeopleSoft Community Survey report gives you answers. Every year we survey our official Oracle PeopleSoft Community and produce one of Quest's most informative PeopleSoft resources. The survey’s results showcase what PeopleSoft customers are doing now – and how they plan to maximize their solutions for the future.

Presented by Eli Fernandez, Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen is a non-profit organization operating under a federated business model in which the parent organization (HQ) and the subsidiaries (Affiliates) each operate as independent businesses with a distinct governing body, offices, personnel, suppliers, operating bank accounts, etc. However, for audit and tax reporting purposes, Headquarters and Affiliates consolidate financials and file a group return. General Ledger reconciliation is a versatile tool to manage the reconciliation process, ensure supporting documentation is available and errors get addressed in a timely manner in preparation for audited financials.

Duration: 42:34

Oracle's PeopleSoft Fluid UI is an amazing, simplified user experience that enables PeopleSoft to be intuitively executed by anyone, anytime, on any device. You can use Fluid UI to empower your users and deliver quick wins. This session will guide you towards successfully start using Fluid UI for your PeopleSoft Financials solutions. It will include the functional areas and solutions you should target and why; navigation considerations to acknowledge when transitioning to Fluid UI, approach methodologies for the different roles, and the value add capabilities delivered in Fluid UI. You will also see what's planned for future Update Images that can improve productivity across the organization.

Presented by Amira Morcos, Oracle

Have you ever wanted to: Run PeopleSoft queries from Excel? Onboard new users by simply handing them a workbook so they can use as a front end to run the most common queries? Wanted to have, in Excel, 15 versions of your favorite query pre-populated for the 15 cost centers you repeatedly research every month? This session will show you how- and with no VBA knowledge or additional software required! With basic Excel functions and some creative thinking Awith PeopleSoft’s delivered Drilling URL functionality, you too can have a tool that will make even the most inexperienced user comfortable researching with queries. You will learn how to build Drilling URLs and how to leverage these to create a front end for Query Manager within an Excel workbook. Complete with examples, demos, step-by-step instructions, and tips and tricks. For the past five years, over three hundred users have found this tool to be a staple of their daily interactions with PeopleSoft. Attend this session to see how!

Presented by Chris Sides, Alliance Data

Steven Brenner, MIPRO Consulting

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) have issued revisions to their respective leasing guidance. The revisions represent significant changes to lessee accounting. Do you have leases in either the PeopleSoft Asset Management or PeopleSoft Lease Administration modules that are impacted by the new accounting treatment outlined in ASC 842 and IFRS 16?If so, attend this session to learn about the changes Oracle has made to PeopleSoft Asset Management and Lease Administration and the activity guide released in Image 27 to facilitate the transition of your leases.

Learn how to the new Fluid Billing WorkCenter.

Amira Morcos, Senior Director of Product Strategy for Financials at Oracle, presented on the PeopleSoft Financials Update and Roadmap at RECONNECT 18. She explained that Oracle is looking to make applications more collaborative, innovative and expansive; moreover, Oracle wants to reflect those goals in the delivered features and roadmap items.

102870: Reduce Liabilities and Costs with PeopleSoft Accounts Payable, eSettlements and Cash Management Presented at RECONNECT2018 by Oracle Corp., Cost reduction is a goal for financial operations, and forward-thinking teams are looking at pushing their performance. They are adding automation in AP and the payment operation can reduce costs and increase efficiency. This session will…

102860: PeopleSoft Financials Update and Roadmap: Taking Innovation to Higher Levels Presented at RECONNECT2018 by Oracle Corp., , , Attend this session to get an update of continuous innovations within Oracle's PeopleSoft Financials that support collaboration across the organization with reduced costs through expanded visibility and streamlining of business flows. Come and see how PeopleSoft…

This session will show you how to support the PeopleSoft Supply Chain and Financials modules and how they should be working together to maximize the business value across teams. After implementing, if not properly supported and maintained, modules become out of sync with each other, data does not flow efficiently and old functionality becomes stale.

More and more, executives and leaders are looking for faster, higher-quality insights. Empower your financial team to meet these demands by eliminating manual downloading, extracting, and re-keying from your reporting process.

Participants will learn the methodology and concepts used in designing and developing an Approval Framework process. We will first understand how you can utilize and setup the delivered approval processes, and then understand how to develop and approval process from scratch including developing an approval page, corresponding records, component, PeopleCode and SQL Object.

Discussion about the existing functionality within PeopleSoft to automate the procurement process.

Are you considering an accounts payable automation solution? Worried it could be costly, time-consuming to implement and difficult to use? Join us as we jump into a day in the life of an AP Express user. We’ll discuss the challenges of accounts payable and how, with the right AP automation solution, life can be much easier.

The financial reporting or general ledger team is responsible for the financial structure that supports an organization’s business and strategy. They are also responsible for varied reconciliation requirements of the business events or transactions that make up the financial position.

Each organization needs to achieve objectives quickly and with high levels of accuracy. Imagine the powerful and positive change that you can benefit from when navigation is simple, and your content and work are delivered to you all the time with the reduced need for training.

PeopleSoft has a long history of delivering transformative frameworks in the area of collaborative tools, reporting and analytics along with the power of configuration. PeopleSoft continues to deliver innovation in frameworks that are extremely powerful in creating value and savings for our customers in business functions.

Today’s environment compels the finance team to be nimble and effective in supporting the business. Saving time in the processing of month-end close enables Finance and Accounting to provide value-add analysis. PeopleSoft Financials has worked to ensure efficiency in the period close business flow to devote more time to providing management with value-add analysis.

Providing relevant and real-time financial insights is a key objective for Finance and Accounting. The PeopleSoft Financial Control and Reporting solution focuses on giving the finance team innovative tools in increasing productivity of finance and accounting operations, and boost visibility into key metrics to support of departments’ ability to set directions effectively. This session showcases new innovations provided through recent Update Images and what is planned for the future. Come to this session and give your input on the roadmap for the heart of the ERP.