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Jan 24 @  1:00pm

  Learn how forward-thinking PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM customers have utilized PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management, Test automation, and Testing-as-a-Service to keep applications current and greatly reduce resources required across IT, Finance, HR, and Supply Chain. We will demonstrate the tools delivered within PeopleSoft and external to reduce recurring maintenance and testing effort across the organization. Case…

During a RECONNECT Dive Deep, Robbin Velayedam, Senior Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy, shared the PeopleSoft HCM update and roadmap. He began by explaining best practices (indicated by checkmarks below) and suggested actions (indicated by boxes below).

Dec 14

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Dec 14 @  2:00pm

COVID-19 has changed where we work. Many employers never dreamed that Remote Working would be  the new normal.  With many employees asking to continue fully remote or hybrid remote options, organizations need the ability to track where and when employees are no longer on site. Join us at this session to explore how the new…

2021 QXW 

The modernization of the Job Data component in PeopleSoft allows you to simplify the user experience for your HR Administrators. Attend this session to see a complete demonstration of all the key enhancements to Job Data including a new configurable search component, activity guide based user interface, attachments, approvals, drop zones, and the integration with of Page and Field Configurator to hide or mask fields by transaction.

Presented by Julie Alonso & Venkatesh Kotikalapudi, Oracle

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

QXW 2021

At RECONNECT Envision, we looked at how to implement and use HR Notifications to send targeted employees an email, notifications, or announcement. While HR Notifications can target specific employees, it can’t send a detailed message, like “Your time on July 21 is in error because X” or “You need to approve time for EE 12345.” But we can use another tool, Alert Framework, for the more detailed, targeted messages we need to send. Join us to learn how easy it is to send these messages via email and notification!
• Attendees will learn the requirements for configuring a query to be used in Alert Framework.
• Attendees will be able to configure a notification in 5-10 minutes.
• Attendees will be able to determine the process frequency and recurrences that work best for their needs, while not overwhelming employees!

Presented by Nicole Apostola, Princeton University

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

QXW 2021

This session will provide a checklist of initiatives that PeopleSoft HCM customers should have on their own roadmap. You will see product demos of recently delivered enhancements and updates on key roadmap features recently delivered such as Job Data Modernization, Profile Management, Kibana Analytics, PICASO Digital Assistant, and Configuration Frameworks. You will also see an overview of what new initiatives we have planned for delivery over the next 12 – 18 months.

Presented by Robbin Velayedam, Oracle

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021