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101280 Presented at RECONNECT 19 I will demonstration how to setup a WorkCenter in PeopleSoft 9.2 and how it will assist employees by alerting them of tasks that need to be completed. This will apply to Procurement, Finance, and HCM modules owners. Matthew Poupitch, New Resources Consulting, Inc.

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 31 was recently released and is jam-packed with new functionality and enhancements. Many of these enhancements came from customer suggestions in the Community Idea Spaces on My Oracle Support.

101580 Presented at RECONNECT 19

WorkStrategy will provide attendees with a detailed overview of ePerformance and eComp implementation tips and best practices, including related Fluid dashboard and self-service pages.  Learn how to leverage 9.2 ePerformance WorkCenter functionality, template configuration, and integrated compensation cycle administration.

Presenters will demonstrate how PeopleSoft customers can support annual merit, bonus, and stock plan management with intuitive manager worksheets, flexible calculation rules, employee statements, and modeling capabilities.

Presented by Brian McIntyre, WorkStrategy, Inc.

101540 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Since our 2006 implementation, Hennepin County has had a growing list of enhancement requests for self-service that our users would LOVE to be able to do within the system – personnel actions, automobile use requests, mobile device stipends, security access, add/modify positions, etc. They landed with a thud on IT’s worklist… more to-do’s on a long list waiting for a developer or after review was not a priority to automate.

After struggling with the delivered PS Forms Builder, we started using configurable GT eForms for PeopleSoft in 2017. We’ll discuss what we’ve built, how we’ve developed our in-house skills for creating dynamic PeopleSoft-based forms, and the impact on our business processes. We’ll demonstrate how our new Finance Security eForm delivers an intuitive and attractive user experience, executes our business rules, auto-defaults data, dynamically routes for approvals, and automatically updates PeopleSoft…all built by the County and without modifying delivered objects!

Presented by Serena Gregor, Hennepin County

PeopleSoft’s delivered 9.2 Fluid OnBoarding offers a compelling, accessible onboarding experience for new employees. There are some hurdles, though, that can make delivered Onboarding an impractical solution, including questions such as "how do you transition data from your Applicant Tracking System to Onboarding to Hire without manual steps and data re-entry?" and tips such as "In order to prevent duplicate IDs, you want to gather their birthdate and SSN using Onboarding to see if they already have IDs, but they can’t access Onboarding without an Emplid and a UserID.

101280 Presented at RECONNECT 19

This demonstration shows how to set up a WorkCenter in PeopleSoft 9.2 and how it will assist employees by alerting them of tasks that need to be completed. This will apply to Procurement, Finance, and HCM modules owners.

Presented by Matthew Poupitch, New Resources Consulting, Inc.

101190 Presented at RECONNECT 19

In this session, we will discuss how rapid deployment of the PeopleSoft Absence Management module was achieved in 16 weeks for a large university and how the solution met the complex requirements leveraging delivered functionality while addressing pain points including lack of self-service functionality for employees. We will walk through the basic configuration (including Fluid, work-flow and absence analytics), design considerations, integration to payroll and test scenarios.

Presented by Chamanthi Weerasinghe, POIT, LLC

101130 Presented at RECONNECT 19

This session will cover the much-anticipated Onboarding functionality now delivered with PeopleSoft.  We will discuss the pros and cons of the Onboarding module, the future of PeopleSoft Onboarding, and why clients should consider implementing PeopleSoft Onboarding.  A high-level overview of the Fluid Activity Guide Composer will be presented to show the ease of creating an Onboarding process.  We will then demo the new employee experience, the manager experience and the administrator experience utilizing the new Onboarding functionality.

Presented by Tom Franks, GNC Consulting, Inc.

101120 Presented at RECONNECT 19

16 years ago, Weyerhaeuser invested significantly in implementing Manager Self Service.  Other than a facelift in 2007, the design (which includes customizations) has stood the course of time and has remained in many ways a cutting edge approach.  This is the primary generator of job-related transactions in PeopleSoft for Weyerhaeuser.  Usage stands at 80%+ versus phoning the same transactions to our central services team.  In 2017, we created a business case for the same level of investment in moving to fluid MSS and position us for the rest of PS life.  We went live in July 2018.

Presented by Julia Martin, Weyerhaeuser Company

101060 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Norwegian Cruise Lines is headquartered in Miami and is the third-largest cruise line in the world. We use PeopleSoft HCM application for Workforce, Talent, Time and Payroll administration. Post upgrade to the latest version, we undertook several strategic initiatives to improve our ROI in PeopleSoft.

Partnering with Presence of IT, we adopted a value-oriented incremental delivery approach and in a short time span have made significant improvements to our user’s experience and processing efficiency across all business functions. By deploying delivered features and leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities including:
-Fluid Homepages and custom configured navigation for all administrative users
-Fluid NA Payroll WorkCenter for resource-intensive payroll administration
-Recruiting Analytics for better insights on talent acquisition process

Join us in this session to learn the business value realized from deploying Fluid User Interface, Navigation, WorkCenters, and Analytics.

Presented by Bob Urban, POIT, LLC