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101390 Presented at RECONNECT 19

At Intermountain Healthcare, we have improved maintenance efficiencies and balanced workload utilizing PM projections with data displayed in an Answers dashboard and drill-down query.

Presented by Jerry Glenn, Intermountain Healthcare

100350 Presented at RECONNECT 19 As organizations moves through the lifecycle of their PeopleSoft System, the same question arises about every 3-5 years, “What do we do about a hardware refresh”. Educating organizations of the capabilities of Oracle Cloud aligned with the cost model is critical. Organizations continue to face the challenges in assessing, selecting, and…

100470 Maintenance Management SIG Presented at RECONNECT 19 Review and prioritize ideas logged for improvements to Maintenance Management. Jerry Glenn, Intermountain Healthcare

A recent PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video walked through how to select and apply maintenance best practices and recommendations for working with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption tools.

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption is both a huge change and opportunity for PeopleSoft customers. Another video in the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series outlined important elements of how PeopleSoft works now with Selective Adoption and how customers should adopt to take advantage of the new delivery model.

There are several tools associated with Selective Adoption, which were discussed in the “PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Selecting and Applying Maintenance Best Practices and Recommendations” video. This video talked through how to work with PeopleSoft Updates Images, important concepts for keeping your system updated and as current as possible, and how to apply change and determine the impact that it may have on your system. It also explained how some changes are dependent on others and how to deal with those interdependencies.

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This session we will discuss the Maintenance Management module of PeopleSoft 9.2 and how it is currently being utilized in Adventist Health System. We will also go over Fluid's new Mobile Technician and Asset Tracking components.

Today's maintenance technician’s busy schedules are leaving less time for computer system data input. This presentation will discuss how Intermountain Healthcare has implemented new functionality to enhance the user experience on the PeopleSoft technician workbench.