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Consignment Inventory is a strategy in which you store material in your facility without paying the supplier until after that material is consumed. Because the supplier owns consigned stock until you consume it, stocking items on consignment enables you to reduce the inventory carrying costs and defer payment for liabilities.

PeopleSoft Supplier 360 provides your internal PeopleSoft users a central place to see all information related to a supplier. You can also compare suppliers to address strategic and tactical business issues and decisions.

Introduction of Quest SCM SIG group, purpose/function of this group, and open discussion on PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management topics of interest. p.

Intermountain Healthcare upgraded their SMS dispatching to integrate with Twilio so end users could respond through text to update the status of work orders.

As many companies move to the cloud, companies are moving away from file based system integrations and to more "real time" WSDL and REST services integrations. We will discuss the business decisions, and solutions identified with regards to workflow, location management, and order approvals.

This will be an open discussion, moderated by the SCM SIG leadership, on+ Supply Chain Management topics of interest in PeopleSoft. Topics on the table can include Order Management, Inventory Management, Shipping/Receiving, and Manufacturing.

Introduction of the SCM SIG group and communication of topics of interest to members. Come join us for this Quest SIG meeting!

Come to this session to learn how Homepages, Dashboards, WorkCenters and Navigation Collections not only improve the user experience but also provide relevant information to your end users. 

"PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing is used for facilitating collaboration between buyers and suppliers of goods and services. Through PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing events, you increase investment recovery through the sale of depreciated assets, and reduce costs by accepting competitive bidding for goods and services.

Supplier Contract Management provides you with the framework to create and manage the transactional procurement contracts used for executing purchases, as well as providing robust document management authoring capabilities to create and manage the written contract document using Microsoft Word. "

"Seminole State College of Florida relies on a PeopleSoft back office financial and supply chain solution to accomplish their mission, vision and strategic goals. They utilize their highly experienced staff to maintain and support their PeopleSoft solution. Seminole State’s leadership uncovered an opportunity to take advantage of integrating new PeopleSoft functionality to the school’s existing PeopleSoft financials and supply chain footprint. The new PeopleSoft functionality enabled automated tracking and management of school assets.

MIPRO has implemented and deployed PeopleSoft ALM with many different approaches depending on an organization’s needs and situation. Once MIPRO met with Seminole State, it became clear that their team was very experienced with PeopleSoft. Leveraging this experience MIPRO created a unique approach to support the implementation of ALM.