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This session will be a demonstration of setting up a PeopleSoft 9.2 WorkCenter and how it can assist employee's by alerting them of tasks that need to be completed.

What is Selective Adoption? How did you develop your strategy? How did you execute your strategy?

In this session Rebekah Jackson, Oracle Vice President for PeopleSoft Strategy is on the hot seat! Marc Weintraub, Oracle Vice President for PeopleSoft will be asking the tough questions about PeopleSoft that you want answered.

PeopleSoft is changing, and it's biggest news update yet is the theory of Selective Adoption. It is one of, if not the only, Oracle application that is saying no more to full-length upgrades.

In this session hear from Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle Senior Vice President about the latest capabilities you can take advantage of in today's PeopleSoft.

Fluid is here and it is the future of PeopleSoft. If your organization has not yet taken advantage of Fluid, it is only a matter of time before it is an imperative.

Barcode Standards in Healthcare Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) is the primary barcode standard used in the healthcare industry to support inventory tracking requirements. Although there are other types of coding used in the industry, HIBC is the most widely used to ensure uniformity across supply chain partners in the healthcare industry. PeopleSoft Inventory Management and…

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