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Presented at RECONNECT2018 by Oracle Corp., , ,
Significant investments are planned for the PeopleSoft Supplier and Procurement Contract modules. Come to this session to see how these planned features will support your path to procurement excellence. Learn how we plan to provide Manufacturer and distributor contract capabilities, enable punch-out for procurement contracts, support for Global Trade Identification Numbers, and improve the procurement contract usability. It is early enough in the design and development cycle where we may be able to incorporate some of your suggestions during the collaborative discussions during this session.

Best practices in Procurement Operations encourage continuous improvement in many areas of the Procure-to-Pay business processes. You have implement Supplier Scorecarding and have a great deal of subjective feedback from evaluators.

Perhaps you’ve been doing business with certain suppliers for years. Do you know if that relationship will continue or if your various internal departments are pleased with the performance of those suppliers? Do you have a manual process for gathering subjective feedback from various stakeholders on those suppliers?

In this session, you will discover the key investment areas in PeopleSoft Procurement (SRM). You will learn about specific new and planned features for PeopleSoft's procurement applications and how they can help increase efficiency, improve user adoption and improve the bottom line.

You know Oracle is continuing to invest in PeopleSoft by regularly, delivering new applications features and functions. In this session, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President for PeopleSoft, shares an overall view of some of the most recent and significant application enhancements. Rebekah will discuss the drivers behind the hundreds of new features and enhancements delivered in the current PeopleSoft offering and share a sneak-peak into what's currently in development and planned for the PeopleSoft roadmap. You'll leave this session knowing how Oracle's continuous innovation for PeopleSoft is positively impacting customers and how customers can engage with Oracle to impact the roadmap, help prioritize investments, and collaborate with the PeopleSoft community.

We share how Intermountain implemented and optimized Fluid to create a great end-user experience and improve productivity.

Many organizations encumber funds on purchase orders and have unspent dollars at year-end close which need to roll and re-encumber in the next fiscal year and budget period. This session will discuss a delivered PeopleSoft Process called PO Rollover which will do this for you. I will talk about benefits of the PO Rollover, challenges you will face, solutions to be best prepared to address them, and tips and tricks to make sure you have a success.

Consignment Inventory is a strategy in which you store material in your facility without paying the supplier until after that material is consumed. Because the supplier owns consigned stock until you consume it, stocking items on consignment enables you to reduce the inventory carrying costs and defer payment for liabilities.

It is not unusual that organizations live with pain points in their supply chain business processes to the extent that they simply exist and are accepted and become part of the normal business process. This does not have to be the case; however, organizations that take the time to evaluate business process pain points and whether there are new functionality or business process changes can make significant improvements in their supply chain. In this presentation, we will explore some of the more common pain points and features and functionality in PeopleSoft 9.2 supply chain that can address those pains.

Presented at RECONNECT2018 by Hennepin County, Graviton Consulting Services, Inc., ,
Vanessa Van Orden from Hennepin County and Gary Dinoso from Graviton Consulting will detail the lessons learned from the recent rollout of Supplier Contract Management at Hennepin County, MN. Additionally, they will cover advanced tips and tricks that can be accomplished using the delivered integration with Adobe Sign as well as cover some customizations made to the system.