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Hosted Payment Methodology for PeopleSoft Enterprise Presented by ISO, Inc. Session ID 000129, presented at RECONNECT 12   Verisk Analytics developed a solution to utilize CyberSource Hosted Orde

Best Practices for Preventing and Resolving System Issues Presented by Oracle Corporation Session ID 000071, presented at RECONNECT 12   In this session, you will learn how companies are achievin

Exposing PeopleSoft to the Internet at TravelCenters of America Presented by Travel Centers of America Session ID 000011, presented at RECONNECT 12   This session will outline the technical steps

Bringing Efficiency to Work Order Execution in PS Maintenance Management Presented by Deloitte Session ID 105930, presented at COLLABORATE 14   Currently, PeopleSoft Technician Workbench lists al

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America User Meeting Presented by Erie Insurance Group,  Session ID 112010, presented at COLLABORATE 16 PeopleSoft Payroll for North America PUG (Product User Group) meet

The Shortest Path to Creating a Great User Experience for Enterprise Applications Presented by InFlight Corporation,  Session ID 111830, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Many Fortune 500 customers are

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has everything the user needs, providing Load Balancer Service, Compute Service, Network Service, Database Systems and Storage Service. All these services enable the user to easily build a good production system in the Oracle Cloud. The Cloud Manager provides you an automated way of doing a…

Presented by Ramasimha Rangaraju, Oracle The Event Mapping Framework will help you manage your customizations better and allow easier uptake of delivered pages without disrupting your custom code. In this session you will learn about the building blocks of PeopleSoft Event Mapping Framework and the vast capabilities it offers.

Presented by Nagendra Krishnappa, Oracle There are so many cloud service providers and some are amazingly good.  All clouds provide basic services - servers, storage and network.  What customers need above these are additional services that make it easier for them to adopt cloud and be able to integrate their built-to-suit applications.  Similar is the…