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FPG Raffles utilizes PeopleSoft in the Cloud.

Quickly Identify and Track How PUM / Bundles & PeopleTools Upgrades Affect Your Customized Object University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) developer Kim Jackson created a Compare Utility tool that creates a technical analysis impact report for any incoming change project (PUM/bundles, patches, PeopleTools).   Incoming change project items flagged in the report…

With Fluid UI and Selective Adoption, it is more important than ever for developers to learn the latest PeopleTools features and design patterns. Fluid is not just a new rendering engine for PeopleSoft; Fluid brings a new way of thinking about transactions.

Gathering insights into your system health using datapoints at every layer. The security benefits of having system usage indexed and searchable. Creating ‘flight recorders’ that will help investigate problems postmortem.

Participants will learn the methodology and concepts used in designing and developing an Approval Framework process. We will first understand how you can utilize and setup the delivered approval processes, and then understand how to develop and approval process from scratch including developing an approval page, corresponding records, component, PeopleCode and SQL Object.

The demonstration will include developing a fluid page, and applying advanced object features including CSS code to the custom group boxes. Next we will set the fluid properties for the Component, add a fluid folder, issue the proper security and finally add a new tile to deploy our new fluid application.

DPK Guided Lab

The DPK Guided Lab will walk attendees through three technologies that make up the DPK: Facter, Hiera and Puppet.

Are you considering an accounts payable automation solution? Worried it could be costly, time-consuming to implement and difficult to use? Join us as we jump into a day in the life of an AP Express user. We’ll discuss the challenges of accounts payable and how, with the right AP automation solution, life can be much easier.

Looking to create custom PeopleSoft forms and self-service applications? PeopleSoft version 9.2 offers an intriguing catalog of tools, including Activity Guides, Approval Framework (AWE), Fluid Approvals, Page Composer and the Fluid User Interface.

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