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During Quest Forum Digital Event: Emerging Technology Day, Oracle's own Joe Huang discussed his tips and best practices for implementing great digital assistants for Oracle applications.

Over the past decade, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has transformed its PeopleSoft platform. To help other organizations find success with HCM and FSCM, Daniel Rech, Director of Information Systems for BIDMC, shared his company’s journey with Fluid UI.

Presented at RECONNECT 20 

This is a case study of migration and upgrade of PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 on OCI (Oracle CloudInfrastructure) in less than six months  

Understand how to migrate the PeopleSoft workloads to OCI with minimal disruption to the business 
Understand how to do a fast track upgrade of PeopleSoft Applications in OCI 

Presented by 

Mohammed Abdul Khader, Astute Business Solutions 

Rico Gonzaga, CARE Inc 

Sanjit Sanyal, Astute Business Solutions 

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Tiles, Homepages, Dashboards, Nav Collections and Fluid WorkCenters, oh my!

For many organizations who try to "go Fluid," the lack of breadcrumbs seems to turn into a deal-breaker for both IT and business users. This presentation and demonstration will discuss how and why to create the critical elements of fluid navigation – navigation collections, tiles, and homepages, dashboards, configure delivered WorkCenters – to make users happily abandon the standard classic navigation whenever possible. Oh, and don’t forget, since Oracle is giving up on it, you have no option but to move on, if you want to catch up to the latest PeopleTools version (8.58). You’ll learn why you need to be thinking about Fluid Navigation and how to design it for YOUR organization. And in the end, no discussion about introducing a paradigm shift can end without talking about Change Management, and how to better prepare for your transition away from Classic Navigation.

Attendees will learn how to create fluid navigation elements, including navigation collections, tiles, and homepages, dashboards, WorkCenters etc.

Attendees will learn tips, tricks, and how to avoid "gotchas" for working with fluid navigation.

Understand how to make the transition and manage the change.

Presented by

Rebecca Morris-Ostrom, State of Minnesota

Rahul Nori State of Minnesota

Presented at RECONNECT 20

This feature was introduced in PT 8.58 to ensure the delivery of the actual client (browser) to PeopleCode and the logs.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Configuration is a major initiative for PeopleSoft. Get an overview of the latest features to help you isolate customizations. This enables you to retain your important changes while reducing the time, cost, and effort of taking new images.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Is your PeopleSoft infrastructure ready for PeopleTools 8.58 and beyond?  Have you made the switch to Visual COBOL?   Did you perform your first one-click PeopleTools upgrade using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager?  This session walks you through PeopleTools certifications for operating systems, databases, browsers, search and other components certified with PeopleTools.  We'll discuss the timelines and options for the migration to Visual COBOL, and highlight new features delivered with Cloud Manager. This session provides the information you need to ensure your PeopleSoft infrastructure remains certified and supported by Oracle Support for your PeopleSoft environments.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

What is a REST service and how to develop on in PeopleSoft

Understand what is a REST service
Understand how to develop a REST service
Understand how to pass JSON in the body.

Presented by

Bob Richley, DCP Midstream

Presented at RECONNECT 20

In 9.2 applications, the concept of Selective Adoption is introduced with regards to how maintenance is applied to the system. One of the challenges to taking advantage of this adoption method is if your system has customizations to the delivered objects. This presentation is designed to show you how you can utilize new functionalities in the latest versions of PeopleTools which provide alternatives to performing those customizations to your PeopleSoft system. We will focus on the top ways to use delivered functionality to meet your business requirements WITHOUT customization to the system. The top areas covered are: Related Content, WorkCenters and Dashboards, Forms Builder, Activity Guides, and Secure Enterprise Search/Peopletools Search Framework.

Understand the new functionality, and determine which technology is appropriate for specific business requirements.

Understand the core concepts for configuring each of the presented PeopleTools Technologies

Provide a working example to the participants in the session with enough information for them to try this in their own PeopleSoft system.

Presented by

Mike Doyle, New Resources Consulting, Inc.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

It's time to rethink how we deploy, operate, and maintain our PeopleSoft environments.   Come hear how customers are taking advantage of the tools and techniques available for making PeopleSoft run like a SaaS application.

Come learn how you can glean the same benefits of a SaaS application within PeopleSoft.

We will talk about options for moving to cloud infrastructure, hardening your environments, and insuring your environments are kept up-to-date.