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The Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County leverages the use of PeopleSoft Fluid and Pivot Grid technology to deliver value to our customer's reporting experience. As part of our 9.2 upgrade and fluid implementation, we were faced with the challenge of converting payroll reports previously created in Crystal to a different technology.

If you are considering moving off of PeopleSoft and over to a SaaS cloud application, this presentation is a must. This lecture will highlight the most important reasons and facts indicating why you should stay on PeopleSoft and upgrade to 9.2 vs. implement SaaS Cloud applications such as HCM Cloud, Workday, etc.

Automate and accelerate PeopleSoft applications Testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework
Lean how PUM regression testing can be carried out in less than a week, reducing timelines and cost with a Customer case study

Attend this session to better understand how to leverage Simplified Analytics in PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM to respond to decisions quickly when timely multi-pillar information is visually and dynamically available at a glance.

Oracle is focused on delivering maximum value to our PeopleSoft customers. The advent of Continuous Delivery and the Selective Adoption model in PeopleSoft is evidence of this.

This is a success story of how Wells Fargo Home Lending, with the assistance of Elire, Inc. implemented a treasury workstation to support all of its mortgage origination payments and servicing payment activity.

With PeopleSoft 9.2 and its three main pillars - PeopleSoft Fluid UI, Elastic Search and Selective Adoption, customers are king now and virtually have the enhanced user experience, Modern and Intuitive UI, greater flexibility with less cost.

PeopleSoft WorkCenters have been out for a few years and many customers are well on their way to leveraging them for internal business areas and processes. This product demo will provide insight and strategy on how to leverage WorkCenters with your supplier partners.

Case Study on how the Domino's HCM Development/BA Team learned and implemented Fluid with their 9.2 upgrade. The Development Team will take you from the beginning to the end of their project and review the roadblocks they encountered, and lessons learned.

Have you been given a mandate to 'Go Cloud'? Do you think PeopleSoft is just a legacy application like green screens? Well, PeopleSoft isn't ready to go the way of the dodo bird.

Share our PUM experience updating 9.2

This session will be a demonstration of setting up a PeopleSoft 9.2 WorkCenter and how it can assist employee's by alerting them of tasks that need to be completed.

What is Selective Adoption? How did you develop your strategy? How did you execute your strategy?

In this session Rebekah Jackson, Oracle Vice President for PeopleSoft Strategy is on the hot seat! Marc Weintraub, Oracle Vice President for PeopleSoft will be asking the tough questions about PeopleSoft that you want answered.

PeopleSoft is changing, and it's biggest news update yet is the theory of Selective Adoption. It is one of, if not the only, Oracle application that is saying no more to full-length upgrades.

In this session hear from Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle Senior Vice President about the latest capabilities you can take advantage of in today's PeopleSoft.

Fluid is here and it is the future of PeopleSoft. If your organization has not yet taken advantage of Fluid, it is only a matter of time before it is an imperative.

With exponentially growing customer base on cloud, security is the major concern for most the clients. In this session we will demonstrate how a 2-factor authentication process enhances the PeopleSoft delivered security and enables the end users to access PeopleSoft securely from public internet.

Presented by Dave Bain, Oracle Oracle has produced game-changing results for customers with its latest PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools. In this session, you will hear how PeopleSoft plans to further increase the value of the applications by adopting key technology innovations. You will see what is next for PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, Oracle’s full suite…

Quest had the opportunity to meet Francisco Acuña Castillo with Universidad de Santiago de Chile about their PeopleSoft in the Cloud journey. A 160-year-old public university in the country of Chile, the university has around 18,000 students comprised of undergraduate, graduate and continuous education, 9 sets of faculties and 600 full - time professors.

PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – a path to modernize your technology infrastructure  Presented by David Bain & Sai Valluri, Oracle PeopleSoft The success of your enterprise depends on the choices you make—your ability to innovate quickly, to support your organizational growth and expansion strategies, to react nimbly to changing conditions, and to do so…

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager | Event mapping is a PeopleSoft delivered framework which helps applications and customers adapt PeopleSoft for business needs with minimum upgrade impact. Benefits include extension and modification of PeopleSoft for specific business needs, the introduction of Business Logic as configuration instead of customization, the developing of a re-usable code and…

Cory Flowers, Quest Guest Blogger | Blog content sourced from Ps_App_Development I was working on the eSupplier portal and had a request for an enhancement to the Bidder Approval process. Before a bidder can access the eSupplier Portal, they must first be approved by an Approver in the Procurement Department. Once this happens, a user is…

Presented by Matthew Haavisto, Oracle If you run two or more PeopleSoft applications, you can cluster them. Clustered applications appear as a seamless environment without noticeable boundaries. Now your users can take advantage of all the new Fluid features, navigating among applications, searching across application content, and experience a simple, consistent interaction model throughout your…

Sasank Vemana, Quest Guest Blogger | Blog content sourced from Sasank’s PeopleSoft Log The PeopleTools New User Interface (NUI) and Branding has been available for a while and it should not be news to anyone that the system level header appears as shown below . As we can see, the Branding header provides icons such…