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Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 111190 As companies navigate their transformation to the cloud and introduce digital supply chain processes, they must build new technology capabilities. This digital transformation journey must be managed strategically such that they can realize business value at each stage. In this session, learn a maturity framework for improving profitability, accelerating…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 105950 The truth: Some Cloud migrations go really well, some do not, and there is a huge mix of both in between. Having worked with nearly 50 customers as they have made the move to Oracle SCM Cloud, we’ve seen the different challenges that Cloud brings with it.  Join this…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 105160 Preparing your organization for a successful migration to the SaaS Cloud. Objective 1: Provide organizations with insight into what changes & activities are required from pre-project planning through post production support & maintenance to better position them for successful migration from on-premise legacy applications so SAAS Cloud Objective 2: Provide change…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 105020 In this session, we will analyze the advantages of Supply Chain Cloud solutions, review the business case that led our client, Lidestri Foods, to go to the cloud and discuss integration stategies that can helped Lidestri supply chain executives drive: Presented Brad Van, CSS International, Inc.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 101230

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how a live customer is managing change in the new world.

Presented by Sue Shaw, ATCO Ltd.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 101020

Companies that are heavily invested in their on-premises ERP systems are understandably hesitant to abandon those systems and replace them with modern Cloud ERP solutions. But, it is possible to augment the existing on-premises ERP solutions with Oracle Cloud modules. This session will focus on how Oracle SCM Cloud modules can be integrated to extend JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and E-Business Suite on-premises solutions. Examples to be discussed will included SCM Planning (Supply, Demand, and Sales & Operations Planning), Warehouse Management, and Transportation Management Solutions.

Presented by Steven Canter, Smart ERP Solutions

What is blockchain and how are organizations utilizing it? Blockchain is the networked distributed ledger technology, and it is continuously gaining relevance in today’s global supply chains. They provide a jointly managed, tamper-resistant mechanism for recording validated information for their participants.

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The world of today’s workforce is quickly changing because of technology and the Cloud. New technology like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Internet of Things are emerging, becoming more popular, and changing business applications forever. Apps help organizations automate, process, and collaborate, and they are becoming more intelligent and adaptive.

At the core of Prophet One is a very experienced management team. Founded in 2004, the foundation of the organization revolves around extensive consulting experience and strong business acumen the management team brings to Prophet One. This team has a track record of sustained success measured by client satisfaction and employee retention. We earn the…