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Jul 23 @  2:00pm

Digital business and intelligent transformation or optimization is a leading initiative among organizations across all verticals, but only a small percentage have been able to make progress to date. Tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used to "supercharge" productivity, bolster generation of existing revenue streams all while boosting the overall customer experience.…

Joan Lim, Product Marketing for Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud, presented at COLLABORATE 19 about important considerations to keep in mind when moving to the Cloud and how Oracle Logistics Cloud enables customers to become future-ready through improving global visibility, optimizing operations, orchestrating processes, and achieving better business outcomes.

Michael Walker, global lead for healthcare in Oracle’s Industry Solutions group, wrote in Forbes about how a patient-centered supply chain plays a crucial role in the future of healthcare.

Jim D’Addario, Director of SCM Product Marketing, wrote about how Oracle CEO Mark Hurd backs the idea that transparency is the key to supply chain efficiency and success. Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud can help drive this transparency and help organizations break down silos within their business.

Jun 13 @  11:00am

  Nothing New, but if you are new to Cloud Apps, or looking at them for the first time, this is a whistle stop history trip, how did we get here? What’s different than EBS? Design Principles, Analytics available, all the things Oracle assume you know. Objectives: Understanding SaaS Understanding Options Presented by Debra Lilley, Assoc…

Consumer Goods companies continue to struggle on creating a clear demand picture inclusive of Weekly / SKU / Location specific forecasting netted against projected supply being driven by Trade Promotion spend generally between 25 and 37% of Gross Sales. Oracle uniquely provides capabilities for CPG companies to generate and evaluate their forecasts providing a base volume showing Trend and Seasonality impacts, as well as evaluating each element of the trade spend across price, merchandising such as Ads, Special Store Placement, Consumer incentives, etc. Being able to generate an “explainable forecast” across all of these levers and evaluate the volume, revenue and margin contribution of each lever is industry leading.

Sue Shaw, Director of IT Operations for ATCO Group, spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how to manage change after you’ve made the move to the Cloud. Sue discussed the scope of ATCO’s Cirrus Cloud Project, the types of changes companies may face during Cloud projects, and tools that are available to help with Cloud implementation change management.

Dominic Regan, Oracle Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, wrote about the future of supply chains and six ways to future-proof your supply chain moving forward.

Dominic Reagan, Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, wrote about four reasons why a customer-centric supply chain belongs in the Cloud.

Presented by Oracle and Tata Consultancy Services It’s no secret some of today’s largest product companies owe their success – in no small part – to efficient outsourced manufacturing.  This approach provides scale and, importantly, agility while controlling manufacturing costs.  Outsourced manufacturing, however, is not simple.  It requires coordination across complex networks and mastery of…