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Dominic Reagan, Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, wrote about four reasons why a customer-centric supply chain belongs in the Cloud.

Presented by Oracle and Tata Consultancy Services It’s no secret some of today’s largest product companies owe their success – in no small part – to efficient outsourced manufacturing.  This approach provides scale and, importantly, agility while controlling manufacturing costs.  Outsourced manufacturing, however, is not simple.  It requires coordination across complex networks and mastery of…

Walk thru the various JDE hybrid Cloud Strategies including OCI talk of assessments of which would be a right fit with pros and cons showing architecture examples along with cost benefits and sharing previous experiences of lessons learnt.

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 106320 Typically manufacturers have deployed automation in their production lines and IT systems to increase productivity. Such automation is generally implemented to optimize an area of the entire manufacturing enterprise and its supply chain. With depleting skilled labor in manufacturing, firms are at the risk of losing process knowledge gained…

This presentation will walk you through the functionality of Oracle WMS Cloud, discuss implementation steps, and integration with your existing Supply Chain solutions. Expert implementers will answer all your questions to help you decide if Oracle WMS Cloud is the right fit for your firm.

Digital business and intelligent transformation or optimization is a leading initiative among organizations across all verticals, but only a small percentage have been able to make progress to date. Tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used to "supercharge" productivity, bolster generation of existing revenue streams all while boosting the overall customer experience.…

100850 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 If only a simple flowchart could give you the answer. It will always ‘depend’ on lots of specific to you factors but lets look at some of the more generic and understand the logic. Session to be very interactive Debra Lilley, Certus Solutions

John Soat, a freelance writer for Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about four emerging technologies that could drastically transform supply chain operations. Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and predictive analytics, augmented reality, and blockchain have the power to change the way supply chains operate moving forward.

Are you an Oracle Ebusiness, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and/or Hyperion user? Finance, Procurement, SCM, HR or Payroll? Confused about Cloud and if it is right for your organization? IBM's Cloud Impact Assessment delivers in just 20 business days a tailored roadmap, business case and live Cloud "sandbox" (with your company's data). Learn how you can start your journey and earn a free assessment.

COLLABORATE 19 Session: 100300 The Retail Industry Networking Round Table is to provide retailers a networking partnership for sharing of information, experiences and best practices; enabling the advancement of retail solutions to solve common business problems. Presented by Chapel Eastman, AutoZone, Inc.