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Have you started Selective Adoption? Are you looking to adopt a Selective Adoption strategy? If so, join us to hear directly from a panel around their experience with Fluid User Interface Join us to hear directly from a panel around their experience with Selective Adoption.

Learn the key concepts and takeaways about Selective Adoption that were learned at PeopleSoft RECONNECT 18.

PS 9.2 essentially changed the way PeopleSoft implementations should be run.
The Continuous Delivery Model rolled out by PeopleSoft has far more implications than no more upgrades. It requires IT organizations to look at its relationship to their business partners and the need for it to act more like a cloud provider rather than an order taker.This includes new teams to manage configuration, explore new and changed functionality and the redefining process to match delivered functionality.

PUM and Selective Adoption have significantly altered the PeopleSoft landscape concerning receiving both fixes and new features on a regular schedule. With this new paradigm, organizations who do not change to take advantage of Selective Adoption will experience much higher costs to maintain their PeopleSoft applications.

Using the Selective Adoption process is vital for organizations to keep PeopleSoft current. PTF (PeopleSoft Test Framework) is one tool you need to use to reduce test time and test errors during the process.

So, you want to implement PeopleSoft Fluid. You've heard about all of the great benefits like greater user adoption, increased user efficiency, decreased training costs, higher productivity, and streamlined business processes. Well, you need to develop a strategy first.

Over the past 2.5 years Mutual of Omaha has been following a comprehensive Maintenance Strategy for PeopleSoft FSCM which was developed shortly after the introduction of the PeopleSoft Selective Adoption delivery model.

Avalonbay will share their project timeline and technical hurdles faced during the upgrade of PeopleSoft 9.1 to 9.2 PUM image 23, Tools 8.55. Present our approach to the PUM implentation and Selective Adoption Methodology along with Elastic Search.

Oracle is focused on delivering maximum value to our PeopleSoft customers. The advent of Continuous Delivery and the Selective Adoption model in PeopleSoft is evidence of this.

With PeopleSoft 9.2 and its three main pillars - PeopleSoft Fluid UI, Elastic Search and Selective Adoption, customers are king now and virtually have the enhanced user experience, Modern and Intuitive UI, greater flexibility with less cost.