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2021 QXW 

What if you could integrate all your critical business systems to give users at all levels access to live data and automated reporting, planning, and budgeting? This type of visibility allows finance teams to exercise control over business data to easily understand, manage, and predict results, which means data-driven business decisions.

Join our session with product specialists Derious Malone and Jason Wood, where they will outline strategies to streamline your JDE reporting, planning, and analytics inside one powerful tool. Our solution boosts efficiency and transparency, giving finance teams accurate, flexible, and reliable reporting capabilities that enable data-driven decision-making throughout the business.

During this webinar, we will walk you through a single, integrated, real-time solution that fully understands JDE and provide a live demonstration that illustrates Real-time drill down, live actuals and budgets, and web-based dashboards for visual analytics. Steps to simplify budget entry and workflow and upload your planning data back into JDE. Customer stories that highlight common issues with JDE native tools, and all the ways our solution can help optimize your financial reporting.

Presented by Derious Malone, Senior Solutions Engineer, insightsoftware

Do you have any questions related to Composite Page? Join this session to get your questions answered from our panel of experts. 

Haiyan Wang, Oracle

This session will cover a collection of topics related to using Orchestrations to help automate various tasks in Enterprise One, including using Form Extensions for calling Orchestrations and bringing back data, Notifications with watchlists, Using Monitor for health checks.  We will also discuss some of the most common issues and solutions other Customers had encountered.  This session would be best suited for those already familiar with using and creating Orchestrations such as developers or superusers. 

Terry Pasqua, Oracle

Here's your opportunity to interact with members of the Orchestrator product development team. Bring your questions, and also your suggestions for enhancements. We're listening. 

AJ Schifano, Oracle

Getting to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2 is easier than ever. Come to this session to understand how the improved upgrade process reduces the time and effort to upgrade to 9.2. You will be amazed at how quickly you can get to 9.2!

David Bilthuis, Oracle

During this session you will learn how IDEX Corporation completed a JDE tools upgrade and became code current for 25+ environments (business units) in a complex infrastructure in less than a day.

Challenges associated with tools updates and code currency to 25+ environments and ways to address them for Go Live
How to prepare for non-Production testing
Ways to improve down time requirements for the Production cutover
Tools and code current to DV, CRP for all 25+ environments

Bryan Thompson, GSI

Having a proper plan/model in place for Application and Action security is great! However, are you able to segregate your Company and Business Unit access properly? Are you using Row Security in the correct manor: Inclusive or Exclusive Mode?

Join GSI to take a deeper look into Row Security and the intricacies that are involved in properly securing your CO and BU data.

Review and understand Row Security: Inclusive vs Exclusive Mode.
Discuss options to implement Row Security and segregate access appropriately.
Outline and discuss intercompany transactions and how Type 9: Exclusive Application security can be utilized to overcome Row Security access issues.
Describe options for implementing a Best Practice Row Security model

Kyle Gray, GSI

Planning projects is time consuming in addition to finding time to pull your staff way from current duties. Learn how Graniterock plans their annual Code Current project & leverages tools to assist with focus & testing on specific changes based on limited availability of business users for testing. We will explain how to stay code current with JDE annually to minimize effort but take advantage of the most current JDE tools & Application enhancements. In addition, we will discuss tools that allow focused effort only on programs you use in your organization by priority, as well as an automated test case generator with built-in functional & stress testing tools to assist your test staff during the project. 

Julie Morrison, Navisite

Come join us as we show what Hines has done using Orchestrator for applying payments that have been processed through VersaPay. Payment files are retrieved each day from an FTP site and orchestrator takes it from there and will create batches by company even though each payment file will have payments related to multiple companies. We are also able to process unapplied payments and can then re-apply those to open invoices. Tenants can also select open credit invoices to apply. Watch the versatility of Orchestrator and say goodbye to Z processes or dangerous SQL updates !!!!


You have implemented a great security solution and are now able to report on Sox compliance issues with ease.  But how can you easily track when new issues pop up? By utilizing ALLOut Security, you have great flexibility when it comes to compliance reporting.  Join GSI and ALLOut Security for an in-depth look at how you can take advantage of AOS and leverage the power of UDOs to create watchlists to monitor compliance.

During this session, you will learn:

How to automate your compliance reporting to limit the potential for issues to go weeks without being found.
See how to create watchlists and alerts over your Audit data to be alerted to compliance issues that need your attention.

• How to maximize the investment in your ALLOut Security tool to automatically identify critical issues that are unsolved.

Kyle Gray, GSI