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Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100430

Oracle has been making tremendous investments in the ability to configure and personalize PeopleSoft while allowing you to eliminate customizations. Whether your organization extends this ability to super users; end users or keeps it within the IT department; this webinar will demonstrate how to create a Fluid Home Page; Fluid Navigation Collections and Fluid Pivot Grids. You will learn how to personalize Fluid and Classic Work Centers as well as how to leverage the page and field configurator to alter page content.

OCI Roundtable

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101390

Join this open roundtable discussion to learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) how others are leveraging it! Come share how you and your organization are currently utilizing OCI or what you’re looking forward to in the future.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100210

Our AP department wanted to prove their staff was productive while working from home during COVID and to provide a case for permanent work from home. An AP Dashboard was created to provide analytics on voucher and vendor activity by user in order make their case and track productivity.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101140

HR Helpdesk Performance and Backlog insights provide rich analytical visualizations and powerful reporting features that are built on Kibana offer great insights of the data to agents, managers, and administrators.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101710

Don't let your business' on-premises data center limit your PeopleSoft investment. OCI was designed specifically to support enterprise workloads like PeopleSoft in the cloud. This session will dive into OCI and how it will enhance and enrich PeopleSoft.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101770

Organizations are managing a daunting task to safeguard access to their PeopleSoft application from on-site and remote/hybrid users. On top of that challenge, they must manage potential security threats like phishing, ransomware and data exfiltration from hackers. Together this creates an atmosphere of constant battling to detect and respond to intentional and unintentional threats to the organization.

In their latest report, “A Practical Guide to Zero Trust Implementation”, Forrester recommends the Zero Trust security model (aka. ‘never trust, always verify’) to provide an extra layer of security beyond the traditional perimeter-based security. Due to increasing digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic, Zero Trust is rapidly becoming the security model of choice for many organizations. However, implementing effective Zero Trust can be challenging for organizations.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100790

Contract entry has become a very long and daunting process as our customer contracts are getting more complicated. To address this challenge, we implemented a csv file upload process to create contracts utilizing Component Interface. The new process has saved our company many hours of manual work every month. This presentation will discuss why we needed to implement the new process and show how we got it done.

•The manual entry of a contract was taking more than 30 hours of user's time.
•We implemented a csv upload process which uses 10 different component interfaces to create contracts, add amounts and discounts, rev plans, bill plans, projects, milestones and renewals.
•Challenges -
•Lack of real time contracts to test in lower environments as the associated projects did not exist there.
•We had to add a lot of validations to the process to avoid process failures.

Presented by:
Jyotsna Sajja, Jack Henry & Associates
Cheryl Prifti, Jack Henry & Associates

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100450

‘The Cloud’, a simple term with so many interpretations. PeopleSoft users considering a move to the cloud have many options. What cloud, what do I move and what value will I get by making the move? This session will provide an executive level view of what cloud options are available for PeopleSoft, things to consider when making the move and what you can expect once you make the move.
We will share perspectives from customers that have made the move, that are currently in the process of moving and that are evaluating if they should move. It is not a one-size-fits-all decision and having realistic expectations is an important first step.

This is not a technical presentation or a step by step guide to the cloud, but is designed to help managers and executives navigate the hype and options when considering a move to the cloud.

•There are several cloud vendors to choose from. This session will give you some things to consider to help you select the best one for your organization.
•In addition to selecting the right vendor, there are other factors to consider when making the move, do I move everything to the cloud or certain environments, and who does what once I am in the cloud? We will help with these questions and more.

Presented by:
Rob Mowid, MIPRO Consulting
Craig Oliver, MIPRO Consulting

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100310

Conversational Interfaces have been around for a long time. With PeopleSoft Chatbots, organizations can now take an internal support function and automate it through a Chatbot. We’ll look at how chatbots work, the delivered Oracle chatbots, how to build your own, pricing, and Oracle use cases.

•Understand how PeopleSoft Chatbots work by puling back the covers on how to implement Chatbots. See demos of chatbots in action and even modifying the output.
•Understand Oracle Digital Assistant.
•Understand Pricing and specific Use Cases

Presented by:
Cameron McClurg, SpearMC

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100270

Join us for a PeopleSoft Test Framework and Testing Grounds demo. We will feature a case study of it’s successful implementation at the largest healthcare system in New Jersey. PeopleSoft Testing Grounds is a bolt-on extension to PTF built within the PeopleTools framework. It provides features aimed at addressing gaps in the PTF tool and enhancing it with additional features, to make the test execution and reporting process efficient. Features include:
•Standard PeopleSoft PIA Fluid User Interface
•Ability to review all available test scripts and end-to-end test scenarios
•Ability to create and execute new testing events
•Accept pre-defined variable test data or update values with user-defined variable data
•Print step-by-step test instructions for any script
•Kick off the testing event
•Review testing results at a summary or detail level
•Drill down to test evidence reports to evaluate test failures
•Provide test evidence reports for audit compliance

•Demo PTF Testing Grounds. The Testing Grounds is an ecosystem of tools that SpearMC has built to fill gaps in PTF testing and make PTF more approachable for functional users.
•I will discuss a few agile concepts that should be applied to TAAS engagements. This will be followed by specific agile issues and tips when building test automation with the PeopleSoft Test Framework.
•Finally, we'll look at how Jira by Atlassian can be used to keep our projects agile.How can we leverage Atlassian Jira to keep our TaaS projects agile?

Presented by:
Tarunraj Amuthan, SpearMC
Randall Johnson, SpearMC