Appsian helps organizations mitigate the myriad of security and compliance risks associated with ERP data. These risks are posed by external hackers, along with the fraud, theft and error caused by insiders violating established business policies.

Using a Security Platform that includes sophisticated access controls, data security, and logging & analytics, Appsian enables organizations to strengthen how their systems and data are accessed; along with gaining deep visibility into data usage and user behavior. Organizations can be prepared to combat today’s modern security and compliance threats without overhauling their existing systems.

The Appsian Security Platform is lightweight and can be implemented in less than 30-days (avg.) Software is installed directly into the ERP webserver, allowing functionality to be native to an organization’s ERP architecture. Meaning, no added customizations or hardware. As a result, ERP systems are enhanced without altering the underlying code, which enables future application version upgrades to be executed seamlessly and without disruption.

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