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IQAccountant is a data solutions company with expertise in accounting data models. The I.Q. in our name is a play on the traditional acronym but reinterpreted as “Interactive Query” to represent how data can be a powerful and intelligent tool for accounting decision makers when used in the right way. To that end we have developed a platform called the Resource Activity Tracker that uses accounting data models to bridge the gap between siloed accounting data and integrated, intelligent data models.

Our optimized cashflow process using the Resource Activity Tracker solves the problems inherent in traditional cashflow reporting:

  • Historic in Nature
  • Manually Created
  • No transaction level transparency
  • Lack of Intelligent analysis
  • Not built for decision makers

Our product\customer profitability analysis using the Resource Activity Tracker platform brings disparate data from the billing module and the inventory fulfillment process together in one simplified view to better manage product price risk in real-time. Since product profitability solution uses the Resource Activity Tracker framework you can expect flexible online management analysis and powerful reporting without all the technical hurdles that are involved in building complex reports across multiple modules.

The Resource Activity Tracker has many other use cases in Resource Management and Risk Management that we have also begun to explore; however, we also provide custom solutions based on the requirements of our valued PeopleSoft customers.

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Noel Pagany
[email protected]


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