April 14 - May 19, 2022

Spring 2022 Learning Series

Transformation and Modernization
Spring 2022 Learning Series

The most successful teams and businesses are always poised for positive change. Whether you’re an IT or business leader looking to transform your team or organization, or an Oracle end-user looking to get caught up on the latest product capabilities, Quest’s Transformation and Modernization series can help you get there.

Join us this spring for a series of FREE webinars hosted by industry thought leaders and technical experts, as they dissect some of the skills and tools needed for transformation and modernization.

Session Schedule

May 19, 2022: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Oracle Cloud, Continuing the Transformation Journey
Presented by Deborah Bates, IBM Partner, CPCU, MBA, PMP®

Discuss the benefits that can be realized using Oracle Cloud and how IBM works with their clients to continue transformation efforts to increase revenue, access, transparency and reduce costs.

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Session Recordings

Why Vulnerable Trust is Important to Transformation
Presented by Chris Laping

Highly effective and productive teams are built on a foundation of trust. Without it, teams are unlikely to engage in unfiltered, passionate debate about key issues—or speak up when mistakes are made, there is confusion, or there is a need for help. Said another way, when vulnerable trust is lacking … our already complex transformation initiatives risk failure before they even begin!
Join former four-time CIO and best-selling author of People Before Things, Chris Laping, in this 60-minute webinar to learn how you can identify if your project team lacks vulnerable trust.

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Apply Design Thinking for Transformation from Legacy Finance System to Oracle ERP Cloud
Presented by Venkateswar Gopisetti, Clayton Royal & Saurabh Ahuja, HCL America Inc.

HCL designed and built a comprehensive, global system for the customer leading to the following benefits: Consolidated Platform for complete end-to-end billing to collection functionality; Streamlined invoice-to-cash business process; Enhanced operational and management reporting capabilities; Enhanced System Automation capabilities; Enhanced system and data security.

HCL’s solution replaced multiple legacy systems, converted close to 20 years of historical data, and integrated into a large IT environment. HCL worked with the client to rewrite business processes from custom-built, legacy system based procedures to streamlined, cloud-based contract-invoice-receipt business processes. Today, our client’s global users efficiently leverage Oracle Cloud ERP for end-to-end contract initiation, invoice processing, collections, accounting, and operational / financial reporting.

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Database 12c to 21c, Journey to Key Feature Sets
Presented by Presented by Anuj Mohan, Principal Enterprise Architect, Big River Steel

This presentation will look at 12c to 21c new features that should be investigated for use which include Multitenant, IN-Memory and Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing, and many more. I will discuss the 12c to 21c Journey for these new features with examples and sample code. Attendees can expect a brief introduction of all the new features with deep dive into Multitenant, IN-Memory, and Automatic Indexing.

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IBM Oracle Services: Modernize Your Applications Using OCI
Presented by Mohinder Mahal & Michelle Cross, IBM

Learn why IBM clients trust Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for their mission-critical business. Discover how to improve performance and security, while reducing costs for your enterprise and performance-intensive applications with help from Oracle and IBM Services. Mohinder Mahal is going to discuss what’s possible and how to get there.

Let’s discuss why OCI represents the best option for moving data and all workloads(not just Oracle apps). Find out how IBM can implement and manage every aspect of your migration to Oracle cloud.

Better understand how the benefits of the modernization are quantifiable and include improved application management, reduced costs for maintenance and operations, enhanced security and ERP scalability during peak loads.

Building a high-performance infrastructure is challenging, but organizations don’t need to face the risks of a cloud migration by themselves. In fact, a recent Gartner analysis revealed that by 2025, 85 percent of large organizations will have engaged external services providers to migrate applications to the cloud, up from 43 percent in 2019. IBM has been an Oracle partner for more than 30 years and a prominent managed services provider for over 20 years. These decades of experience have generated market-leading processes, knowledge and unparalleled insight into the design, build and deployment of cloud solutions. We’re committed to creating world-class solutions for organizations looking to upgrade their infrastructure with Oracle Cloud Solutions. “Combining expert professional services from IBM and Oracle helps our joint clients improve performance and security, while significantly reducing costs to run their enterprise applications. With Oracle’s Gen 2Cloud Infrastructure, implemented and managed by IBM Services, customers are able to shift their spend from maintenance and focus their own people on digitally-driven innovation.”

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Modernize User Experience with JD Edwards Low Code/No Code Frameworks Instead of Customizations
Presented by Meghana HL & Srihari Oruganti, Oracle

With JD Edwards Release 22, traditional customizations can be done with JD Edwards extensibility framework. JD Edwards extensibility framework allows you increase productivity, simplify the user interaction, capture additional data and add business logic to meet changing business requirements without the costs associated with customizations This session will demonstrate how easy it is to tailor JD Edwards for your business in hours instead of days and weeks.

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Oracle Updates and Testing Best Practices
Presented by Heather McAninch, COE Development Senior Principal Product Advisor – HCM Cloud Customer Center of Excellence

Ever wonder with each Update These Questions; Am I testing well, too much, not efficiently? Am I utilizing the release readiness that Oracle Provides? What can help me consume the New Features on a regular basis thus gaining a better ROI and HR Stakeholders.

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Automating Data Management for All
Presented by Gerald Venzl – Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Autonomous Database has simplified the management of operational and analytical database workloads. This keynote discusses how the innovation continues to improve analyst, data scientist, and developer productivity.

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Modernization of Job Data
Presented by Julie Alonso, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM

The modernization of PeopleSoft Job Data allows you to simplify the user experience for your HR Administrators. In this webinar, you will learn about all the new enhancements to Job Data like the new configurable search, attachments, approvals, drop zones, using Page and Field Configurator to hide or mask fields by Job Data transactions. We will also share some tips & tricks in getting started with Fluid Data along with customer success stories.

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Why We Need Conflict at Work
Presented by Chris Laping

Without conflict, it is extremely difficult for people to truly commit to changes that will impact their daily work. And in fact, stifling conflict when it arises increases the likelihood of destructive, back-channel sniping and leads to sub-optimal decision-making. Therefore, if we want our transformation efforts to return real benefit to the organization we serve, we must mine for productive conflict!
Join former four-time CIO and best-selling author of People Before Things, Chris Laping, in this 60-minute webinar to learn tips on how to engage others in more unfiltered discussion around important topics.

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PeopleSoft Testing Automation – Kaiser Permanente’s Automation Journey, Maturity, Reduced Project Timeline and Cost Saving
Presented by Sreekanth R Komatireddy & Rajinish Verma, Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s Testing Automation Journey:
– How it started and where it is now.
– How Kaiser Permanente utilizes Testing Automation during major upgrade projects and how Testing Automation brings in efficiencies by reducing Project Timelines and Cost.
– How Kaiser Permanente built an inhouse solution (Automation Portal) and how this tool helps Testing and Development teams to run Automated Testing Scripts for QA and Unit Testing

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Leveraging the PeopleSoft PICASO Digital Assistant to Enhance Collaboration With Your Employees and Suppliers
Presented by Char Jorgenson, Oracle

The PeopleSoft PICASO Digital Assistant can provide your Employees and Suppliers with an anytime, anywhere 24/7 concierge-like experience via simple conversation interaction. Utilizing the Supplier Digital Assistant with PeopleSoft Intelligent Chatbot ASsistant from Oracle also known as PICASO, the Collaboration Skills provides Suppliers with secure access to the transaction information with answers to their questions around Procurement and Financial activity. Using the Expenses Digital Assistant, an Employee can quickly determine the payment status of their Expense Reports and add entries to their Wallet while “on-the-go”. The Requisition Inquiry Skill will provide an Employee with data on their Requisitions and those entered on behalf of someone else. We’ll show how leveraging emerging technologies like the Digital Assistant can improve and enhance the self-service collaboration experiences by the internal and external users of your applications.

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