About Quest Oracle Community

Our Mission

The Quest Oracle Community is dedicated to helping Oracle users develop skills and expand knowledge by connecting with other Oracle users and experts for education and networking.

We are an independent, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of Oracle customers who understand and are committed to the power of Oracle users helping other users move their businesses forward.

Our History

Founded in 1995, Quest was created by Oracle users for Oracle users to help individuals and companies answer questions, solve problems, explore use cases, share best practices and increase the ROI on their Oracle investments.

Originally launched as a JD Edwards user group, Quest later expanded to include PeopleSoft users and now also hosts active communities for Oracle Cloud apps and Oracle Database & Technology users.

About Quest's product communities

Quest Oracle Community is home to 25,000+ users of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud apps and Oracle Database products. We connect Oracle users to technology leaders and Oracle experts from companies who are driving innovation and leading through their use of Oracle products.

As a member of the Quest Oracle Community, you get access to each of our product communties:

Quest makes you better.
Better informed. Better at your job. Better connected.

Quest helps you:

  • Increase your personal knowledge, skills and efficiency
  • Find answers and solve problems
  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Develop expertise and expand your professional influence

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Quest helps your company:

  • Make better, faster, more informed decisions
  • Become more efficient in its use and deployment of Oracle products
  • Develop its technology roadmap
  • Solve problems and address areas of product concern
  • Transform its organization and modernize product planning
  • Recognize opportunities for efficiency gains and cost savings

Board of Directors and Staff

    Carole Owens
    Bryan Brewer
    Ken Piddington
    Becky Ivy
    Rod McDonald
    Jesse Carillo
    Frances Chao
    Tammy Gaston
    Madhuri Jha
    John Matelski
    Tony Schollum
    Josh Stauffer
    Mark Thomas
    Rita Tompkins
    Natalie Webb
The Quest volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of Oracle customers, devotes their time, expertise, and leadership to enhancing user-to-user communication and collaboration, as well as advocating for the needs and priorities of the user community. Their work benefits Oracle application and related product users everywhere.
    Jon Vaughn
    Luke Hodges
    Laura Beiting
    Laura Papero
    Michelle Hooks
    Alexis Brooks
    Michael Marks
    Alyssa Lanter
    Matt Whitaker
    Kim Woolum
    Ashley Gates
    Derek Schroeder
    Charlie Smith
    Kristen Mahler
    Gerwayna Hicks
    Sarah Bryant
    Manisha Chukpue-Padmore
    Sarah Von Nieda
    Alison Patrick
    Courtney Edwards
The Quest staff is here for you! We can answer questions, connect you to product experts, suggest upcoming webinars, digital events or conferences of interest and facilitate introductions to other Oracle users and special interest groups. Reach out to us anytime at [email protected].

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