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December 2020 PeopleSoft HCM Newsletter

Upcoming Webinars/Conferences:

RV’s Strategy Spotlight – As this tumultuous year comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for staying engaged with us remotely, contributing to our product development with your ideas and focus group/CAB participation, and continuing to make the most of your deployed PeopleSoft system.  We can tell from the long list of customer accomplishments listed below that you have persevered and adapted to the ‘new normal’ to complete your PeopleSoft projects.  This inspires our team to continue to deliver new functionality, configuration tools, and navigation to keep your PeopleSoft modern, flexible, and competitive.

On the heels of a very successful Reconnect conference back in October, I am happy to announce that the Quest team is planning a similar virtual conference event April 26th – 29th, 2021.  We plan to use this event to showcase some of the new, big investments we are making in PeopleSoft, including cool PeopleTools functionality for improved user interface navigation.  Keep an eye out for more details on this event in the new year.

The United States Army, a PeopleSoft customer, is looking for fellow customers to participate in a one year work-experience training program designed to take selected officers out of their military environment and expose them to the latest in commercial business practices, organizational structures and cultures, technology development processes, and corporate management techniques. The Army would provide a highly motivated and skilled officer to your organization to support the organization’s mission for a year.  This program was put in place to provide support to commercial companies and for the Army to expose their workforce to how industry works.  Companies that have participated include:  United Parcel Service, Advent Health, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, Leidos, American Express, Navigant, United Airlines.  Email me if you are interested.

On my behalf of the entire PeopleSoft Strategy team, I want to wish you and your families a safe and healthy holiday season and a very, very Happy New Year!


Customer Corner:

Focus Group Updates:   If you are interested – Click this link for list of HCM Focus Groups

  • Human Resources – Discussed customer requirements and reviewed preliminary prototypes for the Gender Identity feature
  • Health & Safety – Reviewed a demonstration of the new Health & Safety Kibana analytics targeted for Image 37
  • Performance Management – Focus group met and reviewed the modernization of Business Objectives.  We will meet to discuss the modernization of ePerformance starting in January as we have some new designs and workflow to go over with the group.
  • Enterprise Learning Management – Focus Group discussed the Learning Tools Integration (LTI) with Zoom.  We have a few customers who are taking this early as a proof of concept.  We also discussed and prioritized ELM roadmap items and what is important to ELM customers long term.
  • Profile Management – Focus group reviewed Related Items in Profiles and how we are looking at using them in the new Profile Search Match Compare feature.  We also clarified requirements for enhancing Profile Acknowledgments.
  • HR Help Desk – Focus group reviewed prototypes for new Kibana Analytics and Dashboards for HR Agents, HR Managers, and Performance.
  • Questionnaire Framework – Focus group meet for the first time to discuss enhancements proposed by the development team and use cases from customers.
  • Teleworker/Remote Worker Focus Group Focus group met for the first time to discuss the current functionality available in PeopleSoft and what new enhancements could look like for self-service, reporting, and integrations with other PeopleSoft modules  We had great participation from a diverse group of customers.
  • Benefits – Focus Group met for a sneak peek at the new Multiple Document Upload and Approvals for Life Events enhancement. This group also began discussions on how future Gender Identity enhancements in HR could impact Benefits reporting to third party insurance, rate tables, and tracking of Dependent data.  We ended with a discussion of pending Affordable Care Act changes.

***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future design and prototypes.

USA/Global Legislative Updates –https://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • United StatesEEOC has delayed the reporting of EEO-1 2019 and EEO3 and EEO-5 2020 until 2021
  • Malaysia – On November 6 2020, the Malaysian government presented the budget for financial year 2021.
  • Australia – The Australian Government Department of Human Services has set a minimum amount that must remain in a person’s wage after tax and child support have been deducted
  • Australia – Amendments to the Tax Administration Act based on the changes released so far.


PeopleSoft Update

  • HCM Image 37 – posting January 2021 – tentative date

PeopleSoft General Update


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Happy Holidays from the PeopleSoft HCM Strategy Team

Julie Alonso | Product Management Director
Oracle PeopleSoft HCM Strategy

December 2020 PeopleSoft HCM Newsletter