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Essentials for a Strategic Transition to Cloud Services

Organizations that have made a successful and efficient transition to Cloud Services have done so in large part because of strategic planning. Brought to you by Quest Experience Week – Oracle Cloud Day, Floyd Teter, Senior Director, Oracle Center of Excellence, HCM Cloud explores how accomplishing this with integrity requires an understanding of not only how to get to the Cloud as an enterprise, but also what life is like once there.

Planning Your Way to the Cloud

Defining what your enterprise wants out of a transition to Cloud Services cannot be undervalued as a critical first step of the journey. This takes into account if your organization plans to retain on-premises applications with Cloud applications or utilize Cloud applications exclusively. Effective planning processes will include the following considerations:

  • Differentiating your organization’s role from Oracle’s role throughout the journey
  • Engaging partners early on that can help with your transition to the Cloud
  • Identifying internal assets that will assist you in the journey to the Cloud
  • Evaluating how your user base feels about this kind of move

Living in HCM Cloud

After the point of subscription and implementation, the process is not complete but remains continual with recurring updates for innovation yielding new features to be absorbed and leveraged by the organization. Just as planning is critical in ensuring a successful transition to Cloud Services, utilizing available resources once in the Cloud is imperative to maximize the benefit. Oracle HCM Cloud customers can utilize in-product features like Cloud Customer Portal, Oracle Support features like My Oracle Support, and many more that are aimed at the customer experience, partner enablement, educational opportunities and customer sharing. With any transition to Cloud service, it’s important to understand what life will look like after implementation for support, engagement, and training.

Tips for HCM Cloud Success

  • Before transitioning, consider the best implementation approach for your organization. Check out The Best Approach for Cloud Implementation: Big Bang or Go Slow?
  • When implementing HCM Cloud, consider running the first pilot based on the business processes already built into the Cloud apps to determine how they work for your organization. Then determine where gaps exist that require changes.
  • To get prospective users excited about a transition Cloud Services, get it into their hands. Allowing them to walk through the intuitive features of Cloud applications can boost user acceptance.
  • Working with Support plays a more significant role when moving to the Cloud. Talk to Oracle Support proactively to understand the Oracle Support process.

Learn More

For more information, you can watch the full presentation from Quest Experience Week – Oracle Cloud Day, which is attached below.

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