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What is Orchestrator?

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is your gateway to digital transformation. It leverages core JD Edwards applications and external technologies to automate tasks and the distribution of information to alleviate much of the human workload.

With Orchestrator, the Alert > Analyze > Act paradigm that is utilized by humans in UX One has been tweaked for machines. The Detect > Decide > Do paradigm allows machines to do the work of humans as the Orchestrator detects events, conditions or anomalies. The machines can decide what needs to be done and take action when necessary. Handing human tasks off to machines save time, increases productivity and allows humans to focus on more thoughtful, creative work.

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Getting Started with Orchestrator

Getting Started with the JD Edwards Orchestrator

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The Basics of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator

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How IoT Production Monitoring and JD Edwards Orchestrator Work Together

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For members only:
Orchestrator Studio 101: Leverage JD Edwards Orchestrator to Automate Manual, Time-Consuming Tasks

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A Journey into the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator

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How to Use Orchestrator

How to Use Orchestrator to Digitally Transform Your Business

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How to Use the Orchestrator Process Recorder to Create a Form Request

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How to Create a Rule in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Studio

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How to Make UX One an Integral Part of Your JD Edwards User Experience

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For members only:
Automate and Simplify JDE Tasks – What’s New with Orchestrator and UX One

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Case Studies and Customer Stories

Customer Orchestrator Use Cases: Solving Real-World Challenges

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Innovation Week: How Customers Use JDE to Reimagine Their Businesses

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Refinaria Nacional De Sal Story on JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator

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How CCWA Leveraged Orchestrator to Automate Processes

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Clayton County Water Authority’s Use of Orchestrator to Improve Efficiency

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For members only:
How Trek Bicycle Leverages the Orchestrator to Keep Employees Riding Their Bikes

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Dutch Valley Foods’ Use of 9.2 to Reduce Customizations

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