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With Oracle Autonomous Database even the smallest tweaks in efficiency (powered by data) can lead to huge advancements to simplify your data management. Read more to learn how Oracle Autonomous Database could benefit your organization.

BLUEPRINT 4D is where Oracle users of all levels dig into new releases, dive deep into practical learning, get new ideas from best practices, see what others are doing with their Oracle systems, expand their knowledge and hone their core skills.  BLUEPRINT 4D 2023 took place from May 8 - May 11, 2023 at the…

Does your business struggle with managing its data? Do you have different types of data for different solutions? Are you making the most of the information your business generates? Could you make better business decisions if you had the time and the correct tools? Sound familiar?

Come and find out how you can start solving these problems today with Oracle

What's the next role for the DBA as the autonomous database and Oracle enhancements free up time? This session will cover the DBA role (managing more databases with autonomous database) & the integration of AI and Machine Learning. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This session will show what this means to your company and your future job. See major advances being driven, but also those that will be driven by the autonomous future Oracle is driving ahead.

Running Oracle Database on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud gives the DBA maximum flexibility, just like you have on-premises or a private cloud. AWS, OCI, and Azure have differences in how the IaaS components work. This session will help you to configure the Oracle database for the best performance by choosing the correct virtual machine shape, disk configurations, database parameters, backups, and high availability disaster recovery options. Learn how to estimate each Cloud's computing, memory, and disk requirements. Understand the tools to compare on-premises database performance with Cloud.

Come join us as we review Texas A&M University Systems journey from Oracle Cloud past (Gen 1 Exadata Cloud at Customer/Oracle Cloud Machine), present (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Gen 2 Exadata Cloud Service), and future. We will be covering the journey, lessons learned, and tools that helped along the way.

Many DBA’s and developers find it difficult to solve application performance problems using the out of the box standard tool kit. Once you learn where to look in the AWR tables and realize how easy it is to query the AWR tables and find the exact bottleneck, you’ll not turn back. This presentation details the author’s custom tools and approach to solving application performance issues. Several case studies are highlighted to illustrate how the approach and tools are used.

Cloud Migration --Oracle on OCI/AWS/Azure --how to tailor the migration to the cloud provider
What are the key steps to follow for successfully migrating oracle from on-prem to the cloud ( OCI/AWS/AZURE) Presentation will illustrate the tasks to follow while planning a migration of an Oracle database to the cloud. Based on each provider there are differences in what can and can not be done. What are the Do's and Don’t based on the cloud provider to ensure the migration is successful? How do we ensure we have a cloud-based database that is performing at its optimal irrespective of the provider? Once migrated how do we ensure efficient performance.

Presentation will illustrate all the above and give pointers on important tasks to help DBAs plan and implement cloud migration successfully.