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Feb 16 @  1:00pm

Oracle deployed in a Real Application Cluster can provide both availability and scalability when installed in accordance with good practice, and in a fully supported environment. IBM Power with AIX can meet these requirements both on premises and in PowerVS which provides a fully supported option for customer wanting to expand their use of RAC…

QXW offers 4 jam-packed days of practical Oracle product learning for users of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud apps and Oracle Database solutions. There’s something for everyone: strategic insights, practical product how-to sessions, customer case studies and best practices.​ Browse session recordings

APEX 22.2 was released on November 10, 2022. Marc Sewtz, shared the new features in APEX 22.2's release as a part of Quest Experience Week, which include application search, invoke API process type, PWA and mobile enhancements, universal theme updates, landmark support for regions, JavaScript library updates, several new and updated components, and several other enhancements.

OCI unveils new services every month. There are several key new services in security, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Most such services cover OCI and non-OCI platforms. This presentation will focus on the Oracle Cloud Security services and Observability and Management services. You will learn the benefits of these services and how they apply to Oracle Databases (on OCI and elsewhere), Database hosts, Application Servers, and WebLogic servers. In addition to monitoring and troubleshooting, we will discuss capacity planning and cost management.

"What's the next role for the DevOps or DBA as the autonomous database and Oracle enhancements free up time? This session will cover the role (managing more databases with autonomous database) & the integration of AI and Machine Learning. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This session will show what this means to your company and your future job. See major advances being driven, but also those that will be driven by the autonomous future Oracle is driving ahead.
1. What's next for the DBA with the autonomous database
2. Important skills for the future like Machine Learning and AI
3. The merging of tech fields cause both pain and opportunity
4. Future jobs and the future world ahead where Oracle will continue to lead "

Oracle Database 21c has been available in the cloud for over a year, bringing new features to the database architect. Since 19.1  was released, many new features, like improved multitenant features, blockchain tables, and automatic indexes. Combined with the new features introduced as part of the 19c lifecycle, it’s time to see if it is time to upgrade to 19c, or is it?

23c was just announced by Oracle, changing the path for many DBAs. In this session learn the latest in the database release cycle and the pros and cons of moving to 23c. More importantly, learn why you may be better off staying with 19c and still leveraging many of the 23c features! Imagine getting the cake and being able to eat it!

Oracle 12c R2 offers many enhancements in the In-Memory option. Oracle ACE, Anuj Mohan will point out performance-related problems and explain how Oracle 12c R2 In-Memory option can help with these problems. The session will talk about the overall In-Memory option along with the below enhancements Dynamic Sizing of In-Memory area IM support for Active Data Guard Optimize joins performance via Join Groups IM Expressions IM Fast Start.

We look forward to seeing you online at this 2022 Quest Experience Week session!

Learn the latest news and updates directly from the Oracle Database Development Team. In addition to discussing some of the latest developments and product releases, this session will also cover Oracle's database strategy for managing enterprise data in the cloud, on premises, and in multicloud and hybrid cloud configurations.

As you migrate to Oracle DB 19c and the next Long-Term release, learn how many Oracle customers are modernizing their applications and also their IT environment. Consolidating Oracle DB instances on to a modern scale-up/scale-out infrastructure enables better security, higher reliability, better sustainability through more power-efficient processors, all at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Learn more about how Oracle Database customers can realize all these benefits, update their DB versions, and deploy it on-premises or off-premises, building a hybrid cloud, and complement it with Ansible Automation to reduce error-prone management activities and deploy new instances faster.