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JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for Engineering and Construction customers, due to its overall natural integration across all modules in order to provide key costing information in a real-time format. However, there had always been a gap in required functionality to support joint venture arrangements…until now! JDE has created new joint venture functionality in order to continue to provide exceptional solutions in this arena. From creating both internal and external legal entities and establishing % ownerships, to calculating and managing the distributable amounts for each JV partner, JD Edwards now has the flexibility to assist with managing your JV needs! Join us as we review this new functionality, from configuration / setup through reviewing specific examples in order to demonstrate the new forecasting features. If you are already a JDE Job Cost user or if you are in the construction industry, this is one session that you won’t want to miss!

Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

Using a real business cases, this session will demonstrate the use of Orchestrator to mass Approve Batches “In Use” or “Pending” Status.

Jerry Salazar, Syntax

Wish you could simplify user experiences across desktops, tablets & smartphones to empower users to take action from their devices while on-the-go – all from one universal mobile app?

Learn how to rapidly design, build and deploy low-code/no-code own mobile apps that are automatically integrated with JDE & 3rd party applications.

Explore 50+ available out-of-box mobile apps to help you kickstart your mobile journey across purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, customer service, etc.

Hear real-life customer examples & case studies for Attended Automation across multiple business processes.

Nitin Lakhpat, Circular Edge 

Sagent Pharmaceuticals previously processed payments for Inbound and Outbound freight charges with a very manual and tedious process that could take up to 6 hours.  Through the continuous adoption of JD Edwards 9.2 technologies, Sagent Pharmaceuticals was able to automate this process. 

This automation was achieved by utilizing various tools available that include a combination of Orchestrator, UBE's, Scheduler, and low-code custom coding. 

Join this session to learn how user defined ledgers can be used in Project Management.
Shruti Ghatage, Oracle

There are many situations when it is difficult to design your General Ledger to capture ALL necessary sales or operational detail (e.g. related sales person, item description, product line, original manufacturing location, etc.) in order to be able to further breakdown your financial transactions for reporting / analysis purposes. This can lead to problems due to a disconnect between your operational and financial results within your ERP. In this session, we will discuss three types of functionality to consider: Flexible Accounting, Subledgers, and Advanced Cost Types. While they have their differences, these can each be used to drive additional detail into your G/L. We will explain each type of functionality, as well as how each can provide more benefit to your reporting/analysis needs. Join us as we discuss how this functionality can be used to design more operational details into your G/L transactions, in order to better enhance reporting and inquiry functions.

Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

Absolutely NO ONE’S favorite phrase is “The auditors are coming.”  If you were to pick 5 areas of information to review prior to them arriving to be prepared, what would you pick?  I will share which 5 helped me achieve year after year of reviews by internal and external audit teams with no surprises around my JDE security.

Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security