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Managing AP and finance should be about strategy, not stress. You shouldn’t have to sift through endless emails, PDFs or paper to get invoices coded, approved and paid, so you can (heaven forbid) go home. You shouldn’t have to scramble to pay suppliers and keep them happy or cross your fingers that no surprises or fake invoices land in your inbox – surprises that jeopardize the numbers you’ve presented to the boss and the board or expose your business to fraud. And you certainly shouldn’t have to fret about finding a solution that is actually a solution – one that doesn’t add consultants and costs instead of speed and simplicity.

Let’s replace all that worry and wondering with calm and confidence. Medius links all of AP together – from invoice capture and processing all the way through payment. With one look at a demo, you’ll see how Medius solutions take you beyond basic automation and minor improvements to let Artificial Intelligence (AI) do the work for you, so you can get done, go home and rest easy. You’ll get the transparency into all your spending to see exactly what’s paid and what’s pending, so you can trust your forecasts are spot on and there’s virtually no chance of fraud from phony invoices. And you won’t have to worry about implementation and ongoing administration that add consultants and costs, because you’ll start seeing the value immediately and the innovation won’t stop.

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Mandi Lapointe
Director, Field Marketing North America
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