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I participate in the Quest Oracle Community because it affords me opportunities to work with like-minded individuals and come up with better ideas to solve issues.

Kimberly Jacot
The Anschutz Corporation

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Find PeopleSoft innovation, education and community at RECONNECT Live! with a full RECONNECT program including the latest strategic updates, practical hands-on learning and plenty of impactful peer-to-peer networking. Meet the PeopleSoft strategy teams face-to-face, network with other PeopleSoft customers and talk shop with the PeopleSoft solutions providers, plus dig into hot topics like Kibana, Campus Solutions, chatbots, PeopleSoft on OCI, Search, Fluid and more. Or take your pick of industry programs for Higher Ed, Healthcare, Public Sector and Financial Institutions.
Conference | May 8 – 11, 2022

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