Cloud Applications Week

June 7 - June 11, 2021

FREE week of digital learning for Oracle Cloud Applications.

FREE digital learning for all stages of your Oracle Cloud Apps journey.

Cloud Applications Week

It’s all Cloud Apps, all week!  Join Quest for a week of FREE Cloud Applications learning covering HCM, ERP, CX, EPM and SCM Cloud. Whether you’re deep into implementation or still considering a move to the cloud, Oracle Cloud experts will be on hand to answer questions, share insights and help move your technology roadmap forward.

Dive deep into technology planning, practical Cloud Apps how-to and real-life use cases covering hot topics like:

  • Implementation of Cloud Applications
  • Business Processes
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Reporting
  • Testing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Thought Leadership

Plus, hear from Oracle Cloud Product & Strategy Team!

Don’t miss this great week of Oracle Cloud Applications learning!

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Cloud Applications Week Sessions

Friday, June 11

11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Automated Testing for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Made Easy

Presented by Patrick Neary, Shaun Meyer, DWS

Enterprise applications must be tested to ensure that they meet your business’ needs and that key processes are well catered for. With Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps you need to do this during your initial implementation and during every quarterly update. It is because of the highly repetitive nature of this functional testing that test automation makes good sense – it minimizes the risk of an update negatively impacting your business operation and users.

The right testing solution can help improve all areas of testing; test planning and management, test script development and execution, results analysis and defect monitoring. And believe it or not, “only 45% of organizations believe they have the right testing strategy, process, and methodology in place.” (World Quality Report, 2020-21).

Join this session to see how you can speed and ease the burden of testing, without involving technical resources. Using a tool that is application aware allows business analysts and super-users to organize, set up, modify and maintain test scripts with ease saving up to 70% of time spent creating and maintaining test scripts and 60% of time spent in test execution.

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Drive Faster, Better Decision Making with Unified Machine, Product, Operational, and Customer Data

Presented by John Barcus, Group VP of Manufacturing Industries

Making tactical and strategic decisions has never been more important. That’s why it’s essential to have a complete view of all the data you need to make informed decisions about everything from your product innovation to how much to make and where to do it. This session will focus on the importance of creating this unified digital thread and key considerations for speeding and improving decision quality.

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Accelerate an Automated, Connected Financial Close

Presented by Emma Yu, Director of ERP/EPM Cloud Product Marketing

Companies can’t afford to be slowed down by manual processes and inaccuracies especially as they contemplate their next big moves. Let us show you how Oracle Cloud EPM and ERP can help you automate the extended financial close, connecting stakeholders and systems so you can get timely, accurate information into the hands of decision-makers.

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HR Leadership – Rethinking Employee Experiences for the Post-Pandemic World

Presented by Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President, HCM Global Product Strategy, Oracle

Join this event to hear the trends and imperatives driving new thinking, expectations and approaches for work and personal experiences, and steps HR leaders can take to ensure every interaction matters.

The recent pandemic brought into sharp focus the importance of communicating with, connecting to and supporting employees’ personal and work experiences, especially in the midst of a crisis. Companies need to be able to get employees the information they need to both do their jobs and live their lives no matter where they are. And because every company is different – from values, business strategies, locations, industries– and every employee within each company is different, Employee Experiences need to be different, too, in order to be effective. In this session we’ll review the trends and imperatives driving new thinking, expectations and approaches for work and personal experiences, and steps HR leaders can take to ensure every interaction matters.

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Managing Oracle Updates in the Cloud by ERP Cloud SIG

Presented by ERP Cloud SIG Board

If you are already live, or even just thinking about implementing Oracle Cloud, you are likely aware that managing updates from Oracle can be challenging. Please join the Quest Oracle ERP Cloud Special Interest Group to hear what other customers are doing to manage updates and also to share any suggestions yourself.

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Enhance the Perfect Delivery with IoT

Presented by Simon Nicholson, Senior Director, Blockchain and IoT Applications Product Development

IoT applications can enhance and strengthen the perfect delivery. They capture sensor data so you can monitor shipments for unforeseen issues or delays, gain real-time visibility into shipment locations and the condition of goods, and even predict the time of arrival for shipments. See how IoT works with supply chain logistics in this live demo.

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Maximize Your Cloud Investment with Fast, Flexible, and Secure Excel-Based Reporting

Presented by Naill McLean, Senior Product Manager, insightsoftware & Gavin Humason, Assistant Controller, Worldwide Facilities

As you plan your move to Oracle ERP Cloud, you may well be confused by the number of native reporting tools available and surprised that no one tool offers finance teams exactly what you need. When Worldwide Facilities, a national wholesale insurance broker, found themselves struggling with similar issues about six months after implementing Oracle ERP Cloud, they knew they needed to find a sustainable solution to their ERP’s reporting shortfalls. Although the finance team was pretty satisfied with FRS, they still felt the reports weren’t as flexible as they would like, nor were they intuitive enough to justify rolling out to the wider team. Gavin Humason, Assistant Controller at Worldwide Facilities, he knew that better tools existed for finance teams that would offer more functionality. By finding the right tool for them and after migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud, Worldwide Facilities has benefitted from productivity gains and more flexible reports that meet the needs of their business.

If you are planning or in the process of making your move to the Cloud, you won’t want to miss our session with Worldwide Facilities. We will also be joined by Naill McLean, Senior Product Manager at insightsoftware, who worked closely with Gavin Humason to overcome their Oracle ERP Cloud reporting hurdles.


  • How you can get fast, general ledger reporting for Oracle ERP Cloud, directly in Excel
  • Ways you can eliminate reporting delays by empowering your team to create the flexible, accurate reports that decision makers need
  • How you can simplify reporting across multiple accounts and drill down to subledger details to quickly access the data you need

Key benefits of our presentation:

  • Enjoy fast response times with the ability to refresh reports and get answers to ad hoc inquiries in minutes with the fastest refresh on the market
  • Close your books up to 60 percent faster by putting your Oracle data right at your fingertips
  • Granularity: Speed up variance analysis with integrated drill down to granular ERP data
  • Deliver value out of the box with an easy, lightweight installation that takes less than a day
  • Ease your migration to Oracle ERP Cloud by simplifying the time-consuming and costly data migration process

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Extending Inventory Control in SCM Cloud with Mobile Solutions: Remote/Disconnected/Kanban

Presented by Jim Hoskins, VP Product Management and Mark Nix, SVP Alliances & Strategic Solutions, Cloud Inventory®

Join us to learn how Cloud Inventory® empowers organizations to extend the value of SCM Cloud; with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, whether in the warehouse, in transit or in the field; both on-line and disconnected. In this session, we will discuss how standard inventory functions are optimized for mobility tied into SCM Cloud. We will also show Kanban replenishment for SCM Cloud which can be configured to work with virtual cards/totes or actioned by barcodes on physical bins & RFID or work order backflush.

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Product Update: Employee Experience Platform

Presented by Nancy Zoder, Vice President Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM

Hear about the new innovations within the Employee Experience Platform. Learn about key investments made to accommodate changing business needs.

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Create a Risk-Intelligent Culture with Risk Management Cloud

Presented by Aman Desouza, Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Relentless change brings exposure to evolving risks. Building a risk-intelligent culture helps organizations secure consistently successful business outcomes. In this demo, we’ll show you how risk management integrated into your cloud ERP Solution, can streamline processes across audit, compliance, risk management, and business continuity planning.

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Data entry doesn’t have to be difficult! How to equip Oracle users to be masters of their own data.

Presented by Rachana Haste, Andrew Gooch and David Wright, More4Apps

This session is about more than efficient data loading; it’s about business process transformation.

The presentation is for Oracle Cloud ERP users or managers who wish to:

  • Get work done faster
  • Improve data quality with tools designed for end-users
  • Release talented people from boring data entry work
  • Clear backlogs of work caused by slow data entry processes
  • Retain ownership of business-critical data within the appropriate teams
  • Build a motivated and fulfilled team culture
  • Enable business process excellence around Cloud ERP
  • Investigate off-the-shelf alternatives to Oracle’s own seeded data loading options
  • Reduce the need for IT support or Development to improve master and transactional data processes
  • Truly enable Oracle Cloud ERP as a single source of truth for their organization.

You will learn how More4apps’ ERP Cloud Toolbox really enables end-users to input, download, and manipulate data within Excel. You’ll see first-hand how simple the tool is to use. Gain an understanding of how data can be validated in Excel before it is uploaded into Oracle ERP Cloud. You’ll also learn about one customer’s real lifetime and cost efficiencies achievements

More4apps has 20 years of experience developing Excel integrations for Oracle EBS, and have now released the ERP Cloud Toolbox suite for Oracle Cloud applications.

Now that More4apps has software for Oracle’s ERP Cloud, we’d like to use this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the Quest User Group Community.

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Embark On Journeys

Presented by Floyd Teter, Senior Director HCM Cloud Services, Oracle

Join us to learn more about Journeys: the business value, a demonstration of the product itself, the ease of configuration in adopting Journeys, and how you can embark on your Journeys.

From adding a new dependent to getting promoted or even coming back to work in the middle of a pandemic, having a guide to help you navigate your way through the experience will always make the process easier. This is where Oracle Journeys comes in, providing a consumer grade employee experience by providing meaningful yet simple step-by-step processes. Join us to learn more about Journeys: the business value, a demonstration of the product itself, the ease of configuration in adopting Journeys, and how you can embark on your Journeys.

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Turbo charge your Oracle Cloud applications migration with HCL platform- SPADE™

Presented by Ganesh Rajasekaran, Global Practice Director, Oracle Practice and Senthil Kumar Thiagasundaram, Deputy General Manager, Oracle Practice

As companies migrate their on premise Oracle applications to Oracle SaaS cloud for leveraging cloud benefits, many face challenges due to volume, complexity, validation and reconciliation. HCL presents SPADE™, a ‘low touch’ solution to turbo charge Oracle SaaS Cloud migration. It automates and simplifies the migration from various sources like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft & JD Edwards to Oracle SaaS applications. SPADE™ has been designed and developed as per the best practices and guidelines recommended by Oracle.

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Oracle Recruiting Cloud – The Cutting Edge of Talent Acquisition

Presented by Aaron Bulthuis, Elire, Inc. & Joey Farah, Elire, Inc.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is an end-to-end recruiting platform, providing seamless integration to your Oracle Cloud footprint and enhanced reporting capabilities. ORC can be expanded with cutting-edge technology including the Oracle Digital Assistant to streamline the candidate-to-hire experience, and ensuring you no longer miss out on critical candidates due to issues with bandwidth, technology, or workflow. In this webinar, Elire experts will highlight key functionality in ORC to take your talent acquisition process to the next level, including a case study of a recent ORC Implementation and key considerations for moving to ORC.

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Navigate a Crisis with Scenario Planning

Presented by Wayne Heather, Executive Director, EPM Product Marketing

Every underlying assumption about “business as usual” is wrong. Scenario planning can help you visualize the future, plan for multiple scenarios, and assess how to respond. Let us show you how Oracle Cloud EPM Scenario Planning can shine a light on your path to growth.

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