March 6 - March 10, 2023

Practical digital learning for the JD Edwards community

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JD Edwards Week 2023: Game Changers

Join us for five days of focused panel discussions and customer success stories built around key priority areas for the JD Edwards Community​ 
Day 1:  Orchestrator –  a popular topic for JD Edwards customers, Monday’s program is designed to help customers understand how to build business value through their use of Orchestrator, including topics like Orchestrator Studio, Logic Extensions, Message Attachments, Rich Formatted Messages, Aggregation, File Selector, Test Frameworks, etc.

Day 2:  Business Process Automation – a broad program designed to showcase how JD Edwards customers are enabling automated ERP though their use of Orchestrator, UX One, Mobile, Personalization and more.​

Day 3: Upgrading to Release 22 & 23 – Wednesday’s program is designed for customers who have recently upgraded to Release 22 or are making plans for Release 23 — innovations, best practices and lessons learned.

Day 4:  Personalization & Extensibility –  Thursday’s program is structured to share how customers are leveraging Citizen Developer Frameworks to create new functionality within existing JDE applications using low-code no-code tools that don’t create barriers for upgrade with heavy customizations.​

Day 5: Continuous Adoption – a broad program designed to cover both maintenance and getting current.  Content could address how to manage your JD Edwards lifecycle (the process of applying fixes, features, upgrades, etc) or the more strategic approach to staying current (strategy, resource alignment, feature selection, etc) for both the technical and business audience.  This day provides a natural tie-in to JDE on OCI as an accelerator for lifecycle management.​ 

Plus, hear from Oracle JD Edwards Product Team!

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Registration opens February 13th!

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2022 JD Edwards Week Session Recordings:

Making Orchestrator Work For You: A Beginner’s Guide

Presented by Carin Wagner, Senior Practice Director of PMO/Quality &
Donna Volden, JDE Developer, Denovo

Denovo’s experts are here to demonstrate how Orchestrator can greatly simplify your everyday tasks in EnterpriseOne. This particular session will show you how to easily streamline what would normally be a 13-action task into a single-click button using Form Extensions and an Orchestration.

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Stairway to Cloud Overview with Ms ERP aka Sue Shaw

Presented by Ms ERP aka Sue Shaw

This session is for IT and Business Leaders who would like some assistance in structuring their approach to moving their applications, especially ERPs, to the cloud. Hear from an enterprise applications expert who sees the world through a customer’s eyes and can help you sift through the sometimes cloudy advice out there.

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Build Your On-Premises to Cloud Business Case with No Charge Oracle Service for Custom ROI Analysis

Presented by Joe Fornadel, Oracle Corporation

Over the last three years Oracle has delivered over 2,500 ROI studies tailored to customers and prospects who are building their on-premises to cloud migration plan. The program’s leader and chief analyst will explain, with a real example, the evolution, approach, data, and processes used to craft colorful multi-page ROI reports that become an important component of any cloud business case presentation. Learn how every JD Edwards customer can have this type of analysis completed at no charge for building the business case for any size and any type of on-premises to cloud migration project.

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Realize Supplier Discount Automation with Release 22

Presented by Channa Agnal, Oracle

The amounts an organization can save with supplier discounts can be significant. To enable our customers take full advantage of supplier discounts that increases savings and optimizes spend, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivered significant enhancements in this area. The focus of these enhancements has been to simplify and automate the processes, provide flexibility through configuration and improve user experience. Join this session to learn more about how these enhancements helps in realizing supplier discount automation in Procurement.

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Digitize Your Warehouse & Logistical Operations with Next-Gen JD Edwards

Presented by sAchin cHoudhari, CEO, Circular Edge

A modern, productive, and efficient warehouse is key to reducing costs, increasing profits and exceeding customer expectations. Learn how to maximize your investment in JD Edwards by modernizing your legacy systems, applications and processes while getting ahead of the competition through automation, smart devices, accelerating processes – and ultimately streamlining the overall supply chain.

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Orchestrator Playlist: Favorite Hits from 2020 – 2022

Presented by AJ Schifano, Oracle

Orchestrator has gone double platinum, and like a great band, the hits just keep rolling in. If you are looking for process automation, it’s music to your ears. If you are looking to streamline your user interfaces, you can’t get it out of your head. It’s the beat of Digital Transformation. It collaborates with other (digital) pop stars. It’s hip, and just being around it makes you hip, too. In this session we’ll replay some favorite hits from recent releases, some new hits fresh out of the studio, and who knows, maybe even dig deep for some of the classic oldies. Best of all, if you run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne you’re already plugged in, so play it loud!

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Pernod Ricard JDE Decustomization Story

Presented by Janusz Wisniewski, Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard Story, still happening, of transformation from decentralized to centralized ERP system.
In a hybrid cloud, Oracle Database OIC and Microsoft Azure.

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The Intersection of Innovation, Security and Support for JD Edwards

Presented by Prashanth Thimmavajjala & Bishram Keshri, Oracle

Release 22 is your Digital ERP release, delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes but it is also your release for protection against security threats. While digital transformation helps create a competitive advantage, Release 22 is equally important as it contains the most current security patches for JD Edwards and certified platforms. Attend this session to learn about the latest JD Edwards innovation that will power your digital transformation while providing you protection against the latest security threats.

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Security Assessment: The Low Cost Route to Efficiency and Compliance in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Presented by Mike Ward & Preston Leftwich, Appsian Security

Are your JD Edwards user and security administration costs/turnaround times spiraling out of control?

Have you experienced audit findings around logical access controls that you need to address quickly, but can’t figure out where to start with remediation?

Do you find it difficult to understand your Segregation of Duties ruleset, and how it relates to managing risk in your business? Is it producing a lot of SoD violations that you just can’t make sense of?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, a security assessment is a great starting point to pinpointing and resolving the specific problems in your security model and/or SoD set-up quickly and cost-effectively – and we can help!

In under two weeks, we will analyze your security and SoD, deliver valuable, meaningful insights into problem areas, and recommend priorities for remediation, directly tied to ITGC audit activities.

The initial analysis is automated, then our JD Edwards security and audit experts classify and categorize the results, to help you zone in on your specific problems. The evidence package provides detailed reports that are directly related to a comprehensive remediation plan.

Join us at this session to find out if a security assessment could help you achieve efficiency and compliance at an affordable cost.

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Accolade Wine’s Journey with EASYProcess: JDE Low-Code Process Automation

Presented by Doug Palaske, Director of Sales & Marketing, K-Rise Systems

Special Guest Speaker:  Tom McGrath, IT Project Delivery Mgr. Accolade Wines, Melbourne AU


JDE suggests: “To Realize the Value of Your Enterprise Data & Avoid JDE Modifications…” invest in a Low/No Code App Development Platform.

The K-Rise EASYProcess Low-Code Application Development Platform has helped JDE companies achieve Process Automation projects across the business landscape for over 15 years. It reduces costs & improves processes for increased productivity.

Accolade Wines: Phase 1:
Customer Ordering/Inquire Portal
AR Payments Portal
Distributor Portal
Sample Order Portal
Customer Onboarding Portal
Vendor Onboarding Portal
Supplier Portal for PO Change/Acknowledge/ASN
PO Approve
3PL / Contract Packaging – Work Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders & Payments Portal
Item Master Onboarding – Many Item “Types”

Gartner notes: “Low-Code App Platforms offer compelling productivity gains and speed-of-delivery benefits. By 2024 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for application development… responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

This demonstration webinar will review the Accolade apps noted, other pre-built & custom apps and showcase the acclaimed EASYProcess platform.

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Ask Us Anything: Manufacturing & Distribution SIG

Presented by the JD Edwards Manufacturing & Distribution SIG Board


The E1MDUG Board and several guest JDE experts will be available to answer any and all questions. Bring your list of concerns, issues, and enhancement ideas to get constructive feedback that you can use in your daily life with JDE.

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Modernize User Experience with JD Edwards Low Code/No Code Frameworks Instead of Customizations

Presented by Meghana HL & Srihari Oruganti, Oracle

With JD Edwards Release 22, traditional customizations can be done with JD Edwards extensibility framework. JD Edwards extensibility framework allows you increase productivity, simplify the user interaction, capture additional data and add business logic to meet changing business requirements without the costs associated with customizations This session will demonstrate how easy it is to tailor JD Edwards for your business in hours instead of days and weeks.

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A Testing Time for Orchestrations

Presented by Patrick Neary, Dave Harrison & Graham Downs, DWS

During this session we will look at the Orchestrator’s assertion framework and consider how orchestrations can and should be run. As part of this we need to think about whether we are using Orchestrator to test E1 or whether it is more important to test orchestrations. There are good test scripting and automation solution available to you so we will discuss how you should be able to use one of these to maximize its value whilst getting the most out for using Orchestrator.

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How to Move from a Reactive to Proactive Supply Chain

Presented by Bryan Rose, Director of Digital Transformation, Terillium

Supply chains are the lifelines of businesses across the globe. They connect all the processes required between the manufacture and the final delivery of a product. Due to the global COVID-Led supply chain disruption, many organizations utilizing JD Edwards have realized that their internal strategies and tools aren’t adequate for the ever-changing supply chain. In this webinar we will cover how JD Edwards organizations can leverage Oracle Cloud SCM to move from a reactive to proactive supply chain. During this web event, we will cover: – Introduction to SCM – Benefits for JDE Customers – Demonstration of both Supply & Demand Planning Cloud – Integrating JD Edwards with Oracle Cloud Apps Join us for this 60-minute webinar to learn more about Oracle Supply and Demand Planning Cloud and how it can create a more connected and efficient supply chain.

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JDE Orchestrator Role in Integrations

Presented by Rod McDonald & Srini Panuganti, Hillwood

How Hillwood uses JDE Orchestrator to integrate SF and JDE.

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How to Automate Business Processes in JD Edwards? A Business Process Automation Deep-Dive

Presented by Rajan Kaisthhaa, RST Solutions

In this session, RST Solutions, Inc. will help you understand where the ERP/JDE market is trending from a business process automation perspective, thoroughly explain the different components of automation technology and how they’re used and review real-world use cases and demos that will help you visualize how automation might fit into your technology and business process transformation initiatives. Will showcase a few real life automation demos.

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Real Life Orchestrations

Presented by Jerry Salazar, Principal Application Consultant/PM, Syntax

Share how other customers are using orchestrations to improve business processes.

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Evolve Your Enterprise. A Conversation About On-Premises and Cloud Trends, Economics, and Choices

Presented by Rudy Lukez, Oracle Corporation

Like every company that uses on-premises ERP software, JD Edwards customers are regularly contemplating their choices regarding their enterprise systems. Within a wide-ranging and comprehensive conversation derived from hundreds of customer discussions from across the world and a global 2021 research project from IDC, explore the trends, economics, considerations, choices, and other factors important to formulating the best short-term and long-term cloud strategies and plans for your enterprise while evolving your enterprise to the next generation of business applications and infrastructure.

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New Financial Program from Oracle Makes it Easier to Move to the Cloud

Presented by Kristin Burkland & Rudy Lukez, Oracle Corporation

Concerned about potentially high upfront costs associated with moving to the cloud? Wondering how to balance the expense of maintaining your current on-premises system while making the move? Oracle now has a solution. With Oracle’s Accelerate Cloud Transitions program you financially optimize cloud migration projects by shortening time to value and boosting ROI.

Use this flexible program to: Package implementation and SaaS subscription fees; Align with project deployment milestones; Simplify budget approval process; Preserve capital for other key business priorities. Attend to hear from experts on how this limited-time program transitions your cloud project partner costs into post go-live monthly or quarterly payments.

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