May 22, 2019

A Free, Virtual Event For PeopleSoft Users Across Industries

What is PeopleSoft Industry Day?

PeopleSoft Industry Day offers in-depth PeopleSoft education for a broad range of industries. This one-day event offers conference-quality virtual education presented in tracks specifically for higher education, public sector, healthcare, financial services and professional services/federal industries.

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11:00 am – 12:15 pm

PeopleSoft Industry Day Keynote

Presented by Oracle

In this session Rebekah Jackson, Vice President for PeopleSoft discusses the strategy for Oracle’s ongoing investment in PeopleSoft by envisioning an organization maximizing their investment in PeopleSoft, leveraging the full capabilities delivered in PeopleSoft today. Through that you will understand the value of the hundreds of new features and enhancements delivered in the current PeopleSoft offering. You will learn about the enhancements currently in development and planned for the PeopleSoft roadmap. Come to this session to discover how Oracle is embracing continuous delivery to provide new innovations to customers on an ongoing basis, and how every PeopleSoft customer can engage with Oracle to impact the roadmap, help prioritize investments, and collaborate with the PeopleSoft community.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

How Kaiser Permanente Successfully Completed the Quad Play Upgrade: Database; Tools; PUMs and Fluid!

Presented by Tony Schollum, Marcello Perez, Rajnish Verma & Vijaya Rakesh, Kaiser Permanente

Learn how Kaiser Permanente successfully completed a ‘Quad Play’ upgrade in 2018 for their single-instance finance and supply chain PeopleSoft ERP supporting 250;000 users! This included upgraded the Oracle Database from 11g to 12.2; PeopleTools from 8.55.16 to 8.56.07; PeopleSoft Image (PUMs) Upgrade from 24 to 27 and Fluid UI Feature adoption (Classic Plus pages; Fluid based Home pages and Navigation Collections). We included 11 required new features and 2;548 total bug fixes! Learn about the combined project – why we chose to do the 4 major upgrade scope elements; how we structured the project; how we managed risk; how the cut-over weekend and initial support has gone since the Sep. 17th cut-over date.


Establishing Segregation of Access Policies in Today’s Strict Regulatory Environment

Presented by JD Bell, Appsian

The concept of “segregation of duties” has been a historical control mechanism that looks to make sure that appropriate checks and balances are in place so users, roles and permissions are appropriately set up and managed. The goal being to prevent any given user or role from being too privileged and able to subvert critical business processes. However, in the current regulatory environment, it’s not just about who can do what – it’s also about who can see what. Join us and learn more about the “Segregation of Access” controls you should put in place to ensure that only people that need to see sensitive data actually have the ability to do so – and that those access activities are accurately logged and reported.


Drop Zones and Other Special Forces Tactics to Go Vanilla

Presented by Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor Consulting

Oracle keeps delivering great new tools to help PeopleSoft clients “de-modify” their systems. The newest is Drop Zones, delivered in the newly-released PeopleTools 8.57. We’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement Drop Zones, as well as two other “go vanilla” tools – Page and Field Configurator and Event Mapping. The second half of the session will focus on “go vanilla” strategy. When does it make sense to use each of these tools? Is there still a “right time” for custom development? How do you implement a successful “bolt-on” strategy that minimizes upgrade impact, but still expands system value and targets unique requirements? Come get the vision and the tools to implement Oracle’s best practices strategy to de-modify. Vanilla really is the best PeopleSoft flavor!


PeopleSoft HCM Update and Roadmap: Innovative Solutions for Today’s HR

Presented by Robbin Velayedam, Oracle

This session will provide an update of the latest features available for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) including the latest developments in core Human Resources; Payroll; Time & Labor; Learning and Talent Management; as well as Benefits. You will learn about upcoming functionality such as regulatory and legislative changes; modernization of Administrative pages; customer requested enhancements; and new HCM frameworks for extensions without customizations. You will also learn about what successful customers are doing with their PeopleSoft HCM solutions including deploying Fluid; self service; and other capabilities to advance the effectiveness and usability of their PeopleSoft system.


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Load Testing: What It Is; How We Do It; and Why It Matters

Presented by Chris Toomer, Bob Hasenhundl & Sasi Sunkari, University of Colorado

Load testing is critical to the success of The University of Colorado. Our University Information Services team makes heavy use of load testing technology for both production readiness and troubleshooting in both production and non-production environments. This session will cover our Load Test Environment configuration and use of SilkPerformer. We’ll review 4 types of testing we execute: baseline; stress; load; and failover. We’ll share the importance of identifying success criteria; identifying what you’re trying to test and measure; integrating different types of testing into our SDLC; review example results reports; and some specific problems we were able to troubleshoot. Come join us and discover why we do it; how we do it; and why you might want to do it.


Mathematically Optimize Your C2C Velocity Through Inventory Replenishment Automation

Presented by Carl Ralph, Sierra-Cedar

To compete effectively today, a business needs to keep its inventory investment to a minimum and increase the velocity of its cash-to-cash (C2C) cycle, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience through improved service levels. This has been a tall order for organizations without a dedicated and motivated staff of “number crunchers” tirelessly tracking every detail of their organization’s inventory utilization. To address this need, Sierra-Cedar has developed a methodology to analyze inventory data and provide updated replenishment order policies that are calibrated to the customer demand and constraints associated with each inventory business unit. These order policies are mathematically calculated to provide optimal order quantities, minimize total cost associated with the purchase, delivery, and storage of products, maintain user-defined fill rates and minimum inventory turn requirements, and increase C2C velocity. This methodology allows for the calculation of appropriate safety stock for each item to compensate for lead-time and demand uncertainty, providing the desired service level (fill rate). The process can update PeopleSoft inventory order policies automatically, be set for manual review, or run in a “What If” mode for additional analysis. Sierra-Cedar’s Inventory Replenishment Methodology has helped clients to realize a reduction in the projected total annual cost of inventory ownership, providing measurable competitive advantage. Join our session to gain insight on how to improve your organization’s inventory replenishment.


Exposing PeopleSoft to the Internet: Ensure a Secure Expansion of Access

Presented by Greg Wendt, Appsian

As you consider a project to expand user access and make PeopleSoft available via the open internet, it is critical that you consider how expansion of access increases your threat surface. While projects like moving to 9.2/Fluid provide greater mobility and productivity, managing access becomes exponentially more complicated. Join us as we discuss security strategies you should consider as you look to make PeopleSoft available outside your network.


Piece by Piece: Making the Most of PeopleSoft 9.2 with a Phased Approach

Presented by Michael Merrill & Jeff Hilliard, Elire Inc.

Join Elire as we discuss Advanced Disposal Services’s successful technical upgrade from PeopleSoft 9.1/PeopleTools 8.52 to 9.2/8.56, executed as a first phase project. This case study will focus on the successful delivery of initial scope – including the implementation of the Canon AP Automation Solution, Lease Administration, improvements to Expenses, and a limited roll out of Fluid; and also discuss Phase 2 options under consideration – including optimizing the use of PeopleSoft Financials with a strategic review of business processes, customizations, and new features. Learn how Elire and ADS partnered to take a phased approach to include all upgrade features and best practice redesign desired by Advanced Disposal, while still gaining internal buy-in and an approach that worked with the team’s tight timeline and business model.


3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager: A Technical & Functional Primer

Presented by Aaron Engulsrud, Strategic Education

This presentation will be a detailed step by step introduction in to the installation of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The installation and configuration overview will be followed by a hands-on demo using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to instantiate PeopleSoft environments; manage images; and upgrade PeopleTools on PeopleSoft Cloud Images. This will be a working demo with Cloud Manager running on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure all examples will be done in real time during the presentation.


The Power of Fluid: Designed to address complex business requirements with Modern UI solutions

Presented by Marlon Sofoifa, LDS Church

PeopleSoft Fluid Delivers a Whole New User Experience Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. They provide comprehensive business and industry solutions; enabling organizations to increase productivity; accelerate business performance; and provide a lower cost of ownership.


Integris Health: Best Practices for Staying Current with PUM, PTF and Testing as a Service

Presented by Randy Johnson & Tom Tretter, SpearMC Consulting

Integris Health is saving time and money moving to an automated testing service. Your presenters from SpearMC will explain the value of saving time for functional SMEs by replacing routine, manual testing with automated scripts. We will also discuss how to easily migrate automated test cases across environments. Use case will be presented to evaluate test results and PI reports to make informed decisions and stay current. SpearMC’s Testing as a Service (TAAS) solution enables PeopleSoft Enterprise customers to focus on our core business, while reducing internal testing support efforts.


5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Amaze Your Organization with the Power and Insight of PeopleSoft Financials

Presented by Jian Wen & Madhavi Makkapati, Oracle

Imagine the powerful and positive change that you can benefit from when navigation is simple; your content and work are delivered to you all the time with reduced need for training. PeopleSoft has introduced new paradigm shifts that deliver efficiency and visibility of relevant information that is easy to absorb and more importantly very collaborative. PeopleSoft has delivered innovative frameworks that are extremely powerful in creating value and savings for our customers in business functions. This session will focus on how to best leverage WorkCenters; Navigation Collections; and the new Fluid HomePages in PeopleSoft Financials to your advantage. This session will also show case how you can configure rather than customize all of this power and insight through the delivered Fluid UI; Page and Field Configurator; Page Composer for approvals and Simplified Analytics.


Using Drop Zones to Isolate Customizations in PeopleSoft

Presented by Matthew Haavisto, Oracle

The flexibility and extensibility of Oracle’s PeopleSoft is a cornerstone of its success. This power came at a cost, however. Customizations have traditionally have made taking new images expensive and time consuming. Now with a new feature called Drop Zones, you can isolate your important page customizations to meet unique requirements without costly lifecycle impact.


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