March 6 - March 10, 2023

Practical digital learning for the PeopleSoft Community

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PeopleSoft Week 2023: Game Changers

Join us for five days of focused panel discussions and customer success stories built around key priority areas for the PeopleSoft Community​ 
Day 1: PeopleTools Upgrades – Monday’s program is designed for customers who have recently upgraded to PeopleTools 8.59 or are making plans for 8.60 — innovations, best practices and lessons learned ​ 
Day 2: Lifecycle Management/Selective Adoption – a broad program designed to cover both maintenance and getting current.  Content could address how to manage your PeopleSoft lifecycle (the process of applying fixes, features, Tools upgrades, etc.) or the more strategic approach to staying current (strategy, resource alignment, feature selection, etc) for both the technical and business audience.  This day provides a natural tie-in to PSFT on OCI as an accelerator for Lifecycle Management.​ 
Day 3: Configuration – a popular topic for PeopleSoft customers, this program covers a range of topics including Configuration vs Customization, new configuration features in 8.60 or recent success stories from 8.59 features, PeopleSoft Configuration Manager, PeopleSoft Test Framework, Configurable Search, etc.​ 
Day 4: Kibana – Thursday’s program showcases how customers are driving innovation and efficiency through Kibana analytics.  Possible topics could include dashboards, elasticsearch, data visualization and integrations.​ 
Day 5: Fluid User Experience – a broad program designed to cover a range of topics, potentially including how customers are developing Fluid applications, using the PeopleSoft Fluid interface, using Delivered Fluid Pages or implementing Classic Plus.​ 

Plus hear from Oracle PeopleSoft Product Team!

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Registration opens February 13th!

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