PeopleSoft Week

March 7 - March 11, 2022

Practical digital learning for the PeopleSoft Community

PeopleSoft Week
Practical digital learning for the PeopleSoft Community

This online event is where Oracle users of all levels can explore current PeopleSoft challenges and solutions, hone their JD PeopleSoft skills, get new ideas and expand your PeopleSoft product knowledge.

Featuring a selection of hot topic sessions, you’ll hear from the PeopleSoft experts and gain insights and tips you can put to use right away!

Plus hear from Oracle PeopleSoft Product Team!

Don’t miss this great week of PeopleSoft learning! Sessions coming soon!

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Sessions offered in 2021 include:

PeopleSoft Investment Strategy & Roadmap

Presented by Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of PeopleSoft

Join Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of PeopleSoft, as he announces the latest capabilities and features in PeopleTools 8.59 and the PeopleSoft applications. See demonstrations of some of the newest and most strategic features the PeopleSoft team is delivering, including the brand new search-based navigation and visual refresh, new Kibana features like Real Time Indexing and the latest delivered dashboards, PICASO – the PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle and the roadmap of planned chatbot skills, new capabilities in Cloud Manager to automate the management of PeopleSoft environments, and more. This PeopleSoft roadmap session is packed with new features to deliver value to your end users and reduce your operating costs. See capabilities you can deploy today and learn about the areas we are investing in for the future.

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PeopleSoft ERP Today & Tomorrow — Innovation Drives Visibility and Collaboration

Presented by Amira Morcos, Oracle PeopleSoft

Organizations need to collaborate and grow while reducing costs. Attend this session to get an update of continuous innovations within Oracle’s PeopleSoft ERP that support collaboration between business and financial operations leveraging new technologies, expanded visibility, and automated business flows. Come and see the PeopleSoft ERP value to your stakeholders to improve productivity, empower users with new reporting tools to make timely decisions, and reduce costs of operations through new technologies. This session also showcases the roadmap for PeopleSoft ERP planned through the delivery of PeopleSoft update images to support the collaboration and productivity needed for your organization’s cost reductions and growth.

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PeopleSoft HCM Overall Update and Roadmap

Presented by Robbin Velayedam, Oracle PeopleSoft

Attend this session to help you plan out your organization’s own roadmap for PeopleSoft functionality. We will cover what HR leaders needs to know to get the most out of their PeopleSoft investment by covering the latest product initiatives for PeopleSoft HCM, ELM, HR HelpDesk applications and PeopleTools. You will see product demos of key enhancements under development for Kibana analytics, Chatbots for HCM, Guided Learning, new user navigation and search, and HCM features requested by customers.

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PeopleSoft PeopleTools Roadmap

Presented by David Bain, Oracle PeopleSoft

PeopleTools 8.59 contains many new features that improve your PeopleSoft applications and make them run better and easier to manage. Come to this session to get an overview of the new features and more.

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How to Adopt Fluid to Replace PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

Presented by Bill Cage, Executive Vice President, ERPA

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, aka the Portal, isn’t going anywhere – but it’s also not changing either. And ERPA clients in the higher education and public sectors have seen success in utilizing Fluid to replace the Portal, resulting in a purpose-built, role-specific central hub that enables easy replacement and rollout of new Fluid-based components. In this session learn the hows and whys of Fluid in lieu of Interaction Hub, and how your organization will realize immediate benefits.

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Deliver A ‘Cloud-like’ PeopleSoft User Experience

Presented by Scott Hirni, Appsian Security

Today, PeopleSoft customers are looking for ways to open access and streamline delivered processes across pillars like Campus Solutions, HCM and FSCM. All while aligning with the ‘cloud UX’ expectations of their users. The latest PeopleSoft delivered UI and Fluid is the first step toward delivering a modern, cloud-like user experience.

In this session, attendees will learn how to build on their existing Fluid/Classic/Classic+ UX/UI configurations and elevate their user experience to directly align with the expectations of users today – intuitive, streamlined, and cloud-like. Learn how you can achieve these objectives with minimal development effort and no customizations to your PeopleSoft applications.

Session Objectives:
•Create a modern, accessible and responsive Cloud-like experience for students/employees by transforming delivered PeopleSoft transactions (regardless of application version) without customizing.
•Develop a strategic Fluid and User Experience (UX) roadmap.
•How to handle your existing PeopleSoft customizations in a pre 9.2 (no Fluid) and 9.2 (Fluid) installation.

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PeopleSoft Optimization and Selective Adoption

Presented by Candice Carden and Doris Wong, SmartERP

Organization’s struggle with optimizing PeopleSoft and ROI while balancing daily business demands and growth. PeopleSoft applications need to continuously evolve to support organizations while IT departments are tasked with reducing costs. With the introduction of PeopleSoft Selective Adoption, keeping PeopleSoft updated and utilizing all the new features and functionality can be difficult. Join our collaborative session with your peers to discuss the challenges your organization faces keeping up to date with PUM’s and reducing support costs while we have some fun with PeopleSoft and PUM trivia and prizes.

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Getting the Most out of PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques

Presented by Jim Marion, JSMPros

With new features added regularly, PeopleTools gets better every release. In this session, developers will learn tips and techniques to build better solutions faster! Topics include Fluid, Integration, and Configuration. From PeopleCode to Java to JavaScript, learn techniques to help you leverage the entire PeopleSoft stack.

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PeopleSoft Automation – Testing, Data Entry, and Validation with PTF

Presented by Valentin Todorow, Elire Inc

Testing is the cornerstone to any stable and efficient ERP system. PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a fully integrated PeopleSoft testing automation tool delivered with your PeopleSoft license. This webcast will give an overview of the tool as well as a live demo to showcase the efficiencies gained by deploying PTF.

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PeopleSoft to SaaS; Preparing for the Journey Ahead. Five Steps to Software as a Service

Presented by Arvind Rajan Co-Founder and CEO, Astute Business Solutions

For years pundits have said PeopleSoft is a dead platform, yet here we are in 2021 and PeopleSoft is still moving forward strong as ever with a vibrant user community, continued Oracle investment with an aggressive roadmap consisting of quarterly releases containing defect resolution, and new technology, including user requests, and the use of the latest advancements in Cloud Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. Yet, there’s still the need to press forward to look to the future, to understand what the newest systems are presenting and how an organization could prepare for that eventuality. Join this session for a look at the latest advancements in PeopleSoft, cloud technology, and take away five practical steps your organization can pursue now to get the most from your PeopleSoft investment today and begin preparing now for your implementation of software as a service in the unplanned future.

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PeopleTools 8.59 Question and Answer

Presented by PeopleSoft Technology SIG

PeopleTools 8.59 contains many new features that improve your PeopleSoft applications and make them run better and easier to manage. Join the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Roadmap Session on Monday and join the PeopleSoft Technology SIG and Oracle for an opportunity to ask questions and discuss PeopleTools 8.59

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PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2.40 Review and Discussion

Presented by Carole Owens, AdventHealth & Zach McCormick, Jack Henry & Associates

Join this session to interact with customers to learn how, what, and the impacts that PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2.40 is having on them and their company.

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The Top Five Risks to PeopleSoft Data: What Are They & How You Can Protect Yourself

Presented by Greg Sosna, Appsian Security

2020’s rapid shift to remote and hybrid access would simultaneously introduce new levels of complexity, along with an expanded threat surface. With most organizations having to manage these threats on the fly, solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Multi-Factor Authentication became table stakes. However, most organizations quickly realized that enabling application security was not the same as enabling data security. In fact, they are completely different disciplines.

The fact of the matter is traditional information security strategies focus on networks and applications, leaving very little thought to how to protect the data inside the application – especially data at the UI/transaction level. Each day, unnecessary amounts of PII and business data can, and are, being accessed in ways that put your organization at risk. How can you manage those risks? What are they?

In this session, we will walk you through the Top Five Risks to PeopleSoft data that bypass traditional network and application layer controls. We will also provide you with insights and recommendations on how you can mitigate these risks before they become a massive liability.

We will specifically address:
•The key differences between application security and data security
•How bad actors can bypass traditional application security controls to exploit data
•Where are the key visibility gaps within PeopleSoft transactions that are most frequently exploited
•How you can leverage your existing identity & access management and logging solutions to start managing data risks immediately

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Using ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana in PeopleSoft

Presented by Monica Ellis, HyperGen Inc

PeopleSoft’s ELK stack includes ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Using Kibana and Logstash along with ElasticSearch extends PeopleSoft and allows users and administrators access to analytics that help make daily tasks easier. KIbana gives users analytics that can be used to drill down into data. Logastash provides administrators access to system data without having to access specific servers. This presentation will look at the ELK stack and how each element can be used in PeopleSoft.

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Kibana’s Panel

Presented by:
Michelle Erkenswick and Zach McCormick, Jack Henry & Associates
Mark Thomas, Hays
Sasank Vemana, Florida State University

Kibana for PeopleSoft provides rich analytics and visualization with performance enhancements, enabling better decision making and improved understanding of your data. Join this session to learn more on how customer are using and planning to use Kibana.

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