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Cloud Computing Meet-Up April 2023


Gregory King | Principal Product Manager | Oracle


Full Stack DR orchestrates recovery for E-Business Suite


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Full Stack Disaster Recovery orchestrates the transition of compute, database, and applications between OCI regions from around the globe with a single click. Customers can automate the steps needed to recover one or more business systems without redesigning or re-architecting existing infrastructure, databases, or applications and without needing specialized management or conversion servers.

Full Stack DR provides a extensible framework that allows cloud architects to design highly customized DR solutions around any new or existing non-Oracle and Oracle application stacks.  Join Greg King and Suraj Ramesh as they present a high level overview of the value Full Stack DR can deliver and then dive into a technical demonstration showing a fully automated switchover of E-Business Suite between two OCI regions.


  • How Full Stack DR helps you perform DR at Scale
  • Architects: A demonstration of Full Stack DR performing a fully automated switchover
  • Developers: A quick look at how Full Stack DR can be customized