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Configure and Customize Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications

Presented by Joe Huang, Oracle

With Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications such as HCM Cloud Assistant/ChatBot, your users can easily perform their tasks by simply “conversing” with Oracle Applications through natural human language. However, variations in business processes, industry terminologies, geographical regions, or linguistics requires the conversational user interface to be completely configurable and customizable. Adopting Digital Assistant/ChatBot to these variations is critical to the success of any conversational AI/ChatBot project. In this session, you will be hands-on with the Digital Assistant administrative console to configure and customize the pre-build Oracle Application Digital Assistant/ChatBots. You will be able to test out these ChatBots before and after your modifications and learn how a complete Conversational AI platform like Oracle Digital Assistant can tailor conversational user experience to your users’ unique needs.

Target audience: Application Developers, Architects, Administrators, and Consultants. Quest members only.

Requirements: Audience simply needs a browser – Chrome preferred but Safari or Microsoft Browser can also work.