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Evidence-Based HR Decisions in a Rapidly Evolving World

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

It’s one thing to have a plethora of data within your organization. It’s another thing entirely to have analytics that can show you why that data is essential. How are today’s HR departments using analytics to drive initiatives? How can automation help identify the most critical insights? A recent presentation for Quest users covered these questions about what data and analytics can do for HR in this changing workforce.

HR’s Mission is Expanding

Today’s HR departments must learn how to balance efficiency with agility. Operational efficiency comes from managing cost and quality, command and control, and processes. Operational agility comes from managing growth and speed while learning to be more adaptive, collaborative and analytical. Excelling in efficiency and agility will help organizations become more successful in the fast-paced digital age of today’s workforce.


Analytics are a staple need for all roles and goals. Analytics give improved visibility into an organization. This visibility helps businesses make decisions quicker and with more agility, which will have a significant business impact. There is a “jungle” of KPIs in today’s workforce, and it is important to identify which ones are most important and impactful to your organization.

Data Over the Years

Between an expanding HR and the age of exploding data, HR departments are struggling with a lack of visibility into complicated and confusing data. The problem used to be that there was too little data. Now, the problem is quite the opposite. There is so much data being collected that it can look more like a jumble of information instead of useful insights into a business.

An Ideal Scenario

An ideal scenario would be a solution that enables executives and decision makers to be alerted about KPIs that matter, collaborate cross-functionally, drive actions and business objectives, and use talent as a strategy in an evidence-based manner. That’s where technology meets domain expertise.

Learn More

To learn more about this ideal scenario and to make evidence-based HR decisions, check out the full presentation below:



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