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Migrating to the Cloud with Oracle Soar

Migrating to the Cloud with Oracle Soar

Once you’ve identified that a move to Oracle Cloud HCM is the right step for your business, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of it all. You’re moving to the Cloud, but how will you get there? What happens to your data during the transition? How can you be certain that you’re covering all your bases concerning clean, standardized data and data security?

One option is Oracle Soar.

Before we get into Oracle Soar success stories, though, take a look at the difference between typical migrations and Soar migrations: 

An Oracle Soar migration has two different stages.

A non-Soar migration weighs heavily on your teams, requiring them to learn new concepts and potential pitfalls and execute the migration plan with precise timing—which is difficult for even the most outstanding teams. Unfortunately, most businesses that take this route grow frustrated enough to give up on their migrations or start over completely. Going it alone drains business resources with no guaranteed outcome of a clean migration.

Steps to Migration with Oracle Soar

However, with Oracle Soar GEN 2 Cloud Migration, customers use a 2-step approach to moving their data to Oracle Cloud. According to Oracle Consulting, the key to Oracle Soar’s success is preparation and planning. Through the Oracle Soar platform, Oracle Consulting can survey all of your data and business processes to plan an automated migration to Oracle Cloud. This first step of preparing and planning is the longest and most important aspect of migration. As much as 85–90% of the work required for migration is completed during preparing and planning. It covers which data you’ll be moving to the Cloud. It also includes cleaning up all of the data so that you’re ready for continuous innovation once you’ve migrated. Clean, standardized data is critical for the Cloud environment.

Once the prep + planning stage is completed, all that’s left is an automated migration.

Why Oracle Soar

According to Oracle, pay-as-you-go pricing, absolute transparency, and reduced security risks are three of the benefits businesses credit for their decision to use Oracle Soar. After the City of Tampa completed their Cloud migration with Oracle Soar, they shared, “The Soar process worked exactly the way Oracle said that it would work. From our standpoint, we were on time, we were on budget, and we got the functionality we wanted. So, end to end, it was the kind of implementation you rarely experience, but always hope for.”

The Pay-As-You-Go format allows you to take migration as slow or fast as you need to. It offers predictability, self-pacing, incentives for speed, and pay based on outcomes. If your company is taking a phased data migration approach, you’ll want to complete migration within six to twelve months to avoid adding unnecessary complexity to your business processes.

Oracle also boasts that Oracle Soar’s transparent experience means you’ll be able to see exactly what the Oracle Consulting team has access to with executive and delivery level reporting. And the modern and secure architecture migrates your data to the current infrastructure with reduced security vulnerabilities. You can expect to see increased accuracy with automation, continuous platform improvement with aligned Oracle products, and remote migration to minimize disruption to your business.

The City of Tampa’s Oracle Soar Migration

Before migration, the City of Tampa faced challenges of sharing an HCM and ERP system with Hillsborough County. Ten years ago, this approach worked for both entities. In a modern technology landscape, however, the legacy systems were causing inefficiency, potential security risks, and vulnerability to the most miniscule human error such as selecting the wrong option on a drop-down menu, and both businesses were at-risk.

The City of Tampa knew they needed to migrate to the Cloud. They were fans of Oracle based on a trusted partnership, but they didn’t want to pigeonhole themselves into the wrong partnership solely based on the past. Therefore, they conducted a study with KPMG to consider all of the options. The results showed Oracle Soar was the cost-effective, high-benefit approach that would be ideal for their migration.

Russell Haupert, CIO, CTO, and Director of Technology and Innovation at the City of Tampa explained their reasoning, “What we wanted was a fast migration to a supported system that was cheaper than what we had and would support us into the future. And we got that with Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM. We also followed the prescription from Oracle Consulting and that’s what really made it work for us.”

As Haupert mentioned, investing in Oracle Soar leverages the expertise of Oracle Consulting. The Oracle Consulting team has performed a high number of data migrations, meaning they’ve seen all kinds of potential issues and scenarios. Their proprietary knowledge combined with hands-on experience equips Oracle Consulting to identify potential problems before they arise and apply solutions to your unique business problems.

Key Takeaways

Oracle Soar’s rapid, automated Cloud migration is available for the following:

  • Applications
    • EBS
    • PSFT
    • SEBL
    • JD Edwards
    • OMC/OEM
    • Hyperion
    • Disaster Recovery Deployment
    • Custom & 3rd Party Apps
    • GoldenGate
  • Databases
    • Oracle Databases
    • Non-Oracle Databases
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse & Analytics
    • Autonomous Data Warehouse
    • Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)
    • OBIEE
    • BI Apps
    • AWS Redshift

Oracle lists the following key benefits of Oracle Soar:

  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  • Transparent Experience
  • Modern & Secure Architecture
  • Oracle Cloud Proprietary Expertise
  • Reduced Risk & Complexity

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Migrating to the Cloud with Oracle Soar