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Apr 28 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD EPM You've Heard All About It. Now See Freeform in Action! Description: Freeform applications can add significant value to your users as well as a continued return on your investment in Cloud EPM. It’s time to see how easy it is to migrate your Essbase cubes to the cloud based on real world…

Apr 21 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD EPM Data Integration Update Description: Over the last several calendar quarters, the EPM data integration team has released many features that have greatly enhanced the performance of the data load process. This includes features like the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud adapter, direct load, level 0 data export and the Account Reconciliation merge mode…

Apr 14 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD EPM Introducing EPM Task Manager for Planning Description: In this session we will cover the new task orchestration option – EPM Task Manager within Planning and Planning Modules. Task Manager provides centralized monitoring of all tasks and provides a visible, automated, repeatable system of record for running a business process. The session will…

Apr 14 @  11:00am

ORACLE CLOUD EPM What’s New in EPM Cloud Platform Description: This session will cover some of the key platform enhancements that were introduced in March and April 2022, and touch on the ones coming in May 2022 (22.05). Phased Approvals and Calc-on-the-fly were two important features released in March 2022. Phased approvals make the approval…

Apr 7 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD EPM How Cloud EPM Can Answer your ESG/Sustainability Reporting Requirements Description: ESG and Sustainability reporting is gaining momentum globally. This session will help you understand more about the ESG/Sustainability Reporting agenda and the requirements. Furthermore, hear how we believe that Cloud EPM fits the bill in responding to the ask and how we…

The most successful teams and businesses are always poised for positive change.  Whether you’re an IT or business leader looking to transform your team or organization, or an Oracle end-user looking to get caught up on the latest product capabilities, Quest’s Transformation and Modernization series can help you get there.  ​

Jan 11 @  12:00pm

If you reflect on all the winning teams you’ve ever been a part of, what’s the ONE thing all those teams had in common? Did you say, “We had the smartest people with the best tools?!” Probably not. Instead, you likely identified interpersonal relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration—not to mention, everyone on the…

2021 QXW

As simplified as Financial Transformation may sound, successful transformation is rare. The key is not only knowing the Lessons Learned but how to overcome them, enabling a truly successful Financial Transformation. In this session we will not only review key concepts but talk through solutions to resolve the common downfalls organizations make when trying to implement a successful Financial Transformation.

It doesn’t matter if your company is $5M or $500B each of these topics will affect the ultimate success of your Financial Transformation. Prepare your Company for a successful Financial Transformation to the Cloud, begin now.

Presented by Samantha A German-Guliano, Senior Practice Director – Oracle Cloud, Denovo

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100140

Corporate and management reporting is experiencing significant change.It allows to efficiently manage data and narratives for actionable insights. It combines the what (data), with who, when, why and how (narrative). Narrative Reports supports data access and data integration from different sources, which provide “one version of the truth” on a single reporting platform.

Join us in the journey of  narrating reporting:
-Overview of Narrative Reporting
-Exploration of different Reporting  Design concepts
-Robust Reference Doclet framework – to integrate data from different sources into report packages
-Creation of Report Packages :Author Phase, Review Phase and Sign Off Phase
-Publish and distribute reports

This session will cover live demonstration of creation of Annual General Meeting report for investors meeting.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 10/12/21