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As enterprises move the cloud, they are forced to rethink many of the traditional concepts they have used to control costs in their on-premise IT estates. In this session learn about how the cloud gives enterprises more freedom and has the potential to offer more savings than on-premise. Learn about a wide range of scenarios…

Oct 15 @  3:30pm

As enterprises move the cloud, they are forced to rethink many of the traditional concepts they have used to control costs in their on-premise IT estates. In this session learn about how the cloud gives enterprises more freedom and has the potential to offer more savings than on-premise. Learn about a wide range of scenarios…

Nov 12 @  2:00pm

ATCO Group is a US $21 billion enterprise with 6,000 staff worldwide in diverse industries such as gas, electricity, pipelines, liquids, energy, and construction. ATCO realized that in order to remain an industry leader, it had to embark on a transformative journey to simplify and standardize processes while also creating an efficient shared-services model. Join…

Gartner has recognized Oracle as a Leader in their Magic Quadrant, and for the second year in a row, we are the overall Leader in Completeness of Vision. Log into your account now and read Oracle's HCM report card.

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how a live customer is managing change in the new world.

As part of Quest’s 2019 Cloud Webinar Series, John Cafolla, Vice President of HCM Cloud Center of Excellence at Oracle, presented on how to get the most out of HCM Cloud and make good use of your solution.

When running a high-stakes project, IT leaders know that they will need a lot of sign-offs before going live. When the City of Atlanta was about to go live with its new all-Cloud ERP strategy, it had to get a blessing from a surprising source - the National Football League. Atlanta was hosting the Super Bowl in February 2019, and the city wanted to go live with its Cloud project before then in order to help the city through the demands of that event, which draws hundreds of thousands of people to the city. 

Oct 21

HCM Cloud SIG Meeting

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Linda Currey Post, Human Capital Management Cloud content strategist for Oracle Content Central, wrote about how colleges and universities see the possibility of Cloud in higher education helping keep college affordable for students.

This session is to provide our integration approach during the initial implementation of HCM Cloud applications over 26 countries. Over the time, what were the problems we faced with file-based integrations and how we re-implemented the integrations using SOAP, REST/ATOM web services. In this session, you will learn several integration mechanisms with SaaS applications and get insights on using Oracle Integration Cloud vs Custom Integration Solutions.

Sep 4 @  12:00pm

Join this session for an overview of Newsfeed UX, reasons to switch now, steps for making the switch, and tips on making the switch a smooth one. As Oracle Human Resources Cloud customers look at switching to the mobile responsive Newsfeed UX, we recognize that customers and partners will have questions.  Join this session for an…

Navigating the Cloud journey can be daunting. Regardless of where you are in your Cloud journey, seize the opportunity to learn from peers, catch up on the latest hot topics surrounding Cloud technology and walk away with actionable insight to help you drive your business forward with Oracle Cloud technology. Our 2019 Cloud Webinar Series can help you do exactly that. This series will feature free, online education about Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud. Join us tomorrow for part three – HCM Cloud Day!

At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd stated that 35 percent of a recruiter’s day is spent on sourcing and processing candidates. However, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can introduce efficiency into the entire recruiting process and eliminate costly manual processes. Finding the right talent and then onboarding that talent efficiently can be challenging in today’s competitive recruitment environment, but Hurd explained how he sees emerging technology changing recruiting moving forward.

Lynne Sampson, Managing Editor of Oracle’s The Modern Finance Leader, wrote about how a gaming-entertainment company recently leveraged Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud to combat manual processes, customizations, and legacy systems that were preventing them from operating more efficiently and effectively.

Rachelle Graham, HCM Cloud Solution Consultant at Oracle, gave a demonstration of the HR Leader experience in Oracle HCM Cloud. This HCM Cloud HR Leader experience demonstration shows the tools and capabilities within Oracle HCM Cloud that help make HR leaders more effective and efficient in their role.

Kai Petzelt, Vice President of Product Marketing for Oracle HCM, wrote about the top 10 reasons why companies should consider moving HCM in the Cloud. Companies need technology that supports areas like compensation, payroll, benefits, performance, and time management all in one platform. This technology also needs to adhere to the latest compliance and regulatory requirements. Requirements like this mean that this technology cannot be limited to the boundaries of an on-premises solution.

Petzelt points out that in order to benefit from all of the capabilities while having the lowest maintenance and effort to control and update systems, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) should take their human capital management (HCM) practices to the Cloud. Doing so can help these businesses connect various HR initiatives and technology across the enterprise. In addition to low maintenance and additional capabilities, Petzelt laid out the top 10 reasons to move HCM in the Cloud.

Many companies are understandably cautious about investing in new technologies – particularly back-office systems that are critical to their operations. However, a new report from MIT Technology Review showed that after a decade of companies moving to Cloud applications, those that hesitate put themselves at greater risk than in the past. The old ways of staying current won’t be sufficient enough to compete with companies that are truly modernizing their operations and even creating new business models with Cloud applications. Oracle Vice Chairman Jeff Henley said that reluctant company leaders and boards must be sold on the strategic advantages of Cloud applications, not just on their cost benefits. Three companies – AirAsia, Sportable Scoreboards, and TrueBlue – leveraged Oracle Cloud applications (HCM, ERP, EPM) to future-proof operations.

Ally Kimmey, HCM Cloud Senior Solutions Engineer at Oracle, gave a demonstration of the candidate experience in Oracle HCM Cloud. This HCM Cloud candidate experience demonstration shows the experience throughout recruiting and onboarding.

Aug 21 @  2:00pm

  WorkStrategy will review strategies for integrating your existing PeopleSoft HCM with hosted Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management applications such as Workforce Compensation, Performance and Goal Management, Talent Review, Succession Planning, and OTBI for reporting and analytics. During the session, WorkStrategy will highlight customer case studies, project planning tips, and integration benefits. Objectives: Review data…

Heather Pacheco, HCM Cloud Solution Consultant at Oracle, gave a demonstration of the manager experience in Oracle HCM Cloud. This HCM Cloud manager experience demonstration shows the capabilities that are provided to managers and how they can leverage HCM Cloud to efficiently complete their tasks.

Meghan O’Brien Campisi, HCM Cloud Senior Solutions Engineer at Oracle, gave a demonstration of the employee experience in Oracle HCM Cloud. This HCM Cloud employee experience demonstration shows how employees can leverage HCM Cloud to work smarter in their role.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud manages core talent management processes that keep your talent engaged and help them be more strategic and productive in their work. The Talent Review and Succession Planning module within Talent Management Cloud can help you review talent and identify potential risk and impact of loss, identify the right person for the right job, manage talent pools and succession plans, and more.

No industry is immune from the current pace of technological change. While this acceleration presents radical opportunities for growth, analytics, and connectivity, it also brings real and pressing challenges to the adaptability of business organizations. At COLLABORATE 19, Chinam Kry, VP of Cloud Business Group at Oracle, shared with the Quest community how aligning HR and Finance through Cloud-based applications creates an agile, adaptable business response to navigate both the current business landscape and future innovation.

Apparao Kandru from IMMI spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how the company achieved HR operational excellence by leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud.

In his decades of experience in customer-facing sales and executive roles, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has learned a thing or two about understanding people. Operational and people skills are a critical part of managing Oracle, one of the world’s largest private employers, and addressing the constant need for new talent to sustain its growth. When Hurd joined the company eight years ago, Oracle had roughly 105,000 employees. Today, its global workforce comprises 137,000 people. It’s no surprise that keeping this many people happy, focused, and productive isn’t easy, and it would be unrealistic for Hurd to think he can treat every employee the same. Hurd addressed this personnel challenge by directing Oracle to deploy people- and system-driven approaches to enable Oracle’s HR department to develop personalized employee interactions and ultimately improve job satisfaction.