Tag: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With OCI Database Management, you can view all your databases, deployed anywhere, on a single pane of glass. The service is cloud native, making it fully managed by Oracle for upgrades, patching, etc. It leverages true cloud elasticity with low operations cost and connects to Oracle Database and above. Read more to find out about all of its features.

When it comes to modern enterprise applications, most organizations have some key expectations. For starters, we expect them to be highly performant and to scale without our users noticing; a core back-office application like Oracle PeopleSoft will be able to scale during times of peak demand – like student enrollment periods, for example – without needing to overprovision.  We’re also expecting that behind the scenes, application developers are able to push updates very quickly; so from one day to the next we’ll see new functionality added to an existing application like flipping a switch. And from a security perspective, we expect modern application security to be integrated and on by default, rather than bolted-on.

But it can be very challenging to get these benefits with on-premises deployments, where availability is difficult and performance requires dedicated infrastructure – and the maintenance, capacity planning, and costly hardware refreshes that go hand-in-hand with these environments. It’s with these challenges in mind that so many on-premises Oracle applications customers are choosing to migrate their workloads to (OCI.)