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Jun 6

ERP Cloud SIG Meeting: June 2022

SIG Meetings & Calls
Apr 18 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD SCM Product Management Cloud 22B Release Overview Description: In this session we will cover the features introduced in Update 22B for Product Management Cloud Service which includes Innovation Management, Product Development and Product Hub. There are several new features covering Item management, Change Management and other areas which will be explained during this…

Apr 13 @  11:00am

ORACLE CLOUD SCM Self Service Procurement Cloud: Procure Goods and Services Using the Responsive Self Service Procurement Application Description: Come join us in this event where we talk about how your organization can leverage the new Responsive Self Service Procurement Application to provide a quick and easy requisitioning experience on mobile devices. It is recommended…

The most successful teams and businesses are always poised for positive change.  Whether you’re an IT or business leader looking to transform your team or organization, or an Oracle end-user looking to get caught up on the latest product capabilities, Quest’s Transformation and Modernization series can help you get there.  ​

Jan 11 @  12:00pm

If you reflect on all the winning teams you’ve ever been a part of, what’s the ONE thing all those teams had in common? Did you say, “We had the smartest people with the best tools?!” Probably not. Instead, you likely identified interpersonal relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration—not to mention, everyone on the…

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100560

The world is moving faster and faster driving manufacturers to be more responsive; plan smarter; and execute better than before. This session will highlight how a digital supply chain along with Blockchain, Integrated Business Planning, and IoT can enable a more responsive fully integrated end to end business planning process. This session explores ways to better align your supply chain operations to your business strategy via the digital connected enterprise.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100260

Customization empowers customers to work on their business process more closely and especially for visually impaired clients. Some of the organization gives great chance to the visually impaired clients for order entry in Oracle order management cloud application. Oracle SCM cloud framework gives extraordinary adaptability to visually impaired clients so they can customize their pages. Clients can move components around on a page, hide components, and even add accessible components to their page like search options, dialog boxes, on-page URLs, and modified depending on the client's role/access.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100700

Are you deploying or have you deployed Digital Assistant (ChatBots) for your Oracle Applications deployment?  Or considering deploying and wondering what the effort might be?  Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications, such as the HCM ChatBots/Skills, hold the promises to make your users much more productive - promises that do require “care-and-feeding” like any AI technology.  In this session, we will discuss best practices in deploying and maintaining your Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications, so iteratively it can become smarter over time and become more accurate in understanding end user utterances.  We will go through the common “Care-and-Feeding” cycles, as well as case studies of live customers.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100620

Executives are investing heavily in digital transformation in 2021, over $4 trillion globally. When it comes to enterprise software and digital transformation, the early adoption phase has passed. Join us for this sixty-minute spotlight session to learn more about the latest industry trends, and how to leverage Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud on your roadmap to transformation.

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