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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Whether looking to add new capabilities to extend Oracle SaaS or create ways to support new business models, companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver innovation on top of modern ERP/SCM/HCM and CX systems. Oracle Cloud Platform's intelligent automation capability combines the AI/ML power of Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Integration, Oracle Visual Builder, and Oracle Content and Experience to automate and design new experiences across and beyond Oracle SaaS. Join this session to see how Oracle’s AI-powered, developer-friendly Cloud Platform enables Oracle SaaS extensibility while ensuring upgrades, and assimilates intelligent automation seamlessly. Hear how a customer was empowered to deliver innovative ways to engage with Oracle SaaS.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Sucess of Organzation is depends on Strong supply managment chain and have a strong Vendor and Supplier to support the Enteprise. It is very imporant to define End to End Business process coverage for supplier and Vendor process in the system It need extend strong backbone your apps with Procument cloud to achive the supplier on-boarding, monotring, evlauation.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Product companies which plan & operate manufacturing facilities or manage outsourced manufacturing face an increasing array of challenges related to:

The global trade shifting landscape

Managing a customer centric supply chain

The continuing challenges of staying cost competitive while maintaining on time in full delivery commitments.

Integrated Business Planning & Execution is a new approach to conventional Business Planning designed to help businesses make better decisions, faster. Come learn how customers can use Oracle Supply Chain products to anticipate demand, align the enterprise & achieve business objectives. Integrated business planning & execution provides the right material & financial plans to support decisions made at the speed of business. Develop an understanding of Integrated Business Planning & Execution. How Oracle innovations in guided resolution, machine learning & intuitive user interfaces can help your company enhance key performance metrics like forecast

Learn how to create your own virtual cloud network using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this workshop you will see how to create your own compute instances, configured as web servers, and create a load balancer to manage the HTTP requests. You will also learn about OCI security, how to create and manage network routing rules, various storage options, and more. 

Apr 23 @  2:00pm

UC San Diego needed a platform to automate AP processes and facilitate 100% straight-through invoice processing. The platform also needed to be flexible and accommodate future ERP migrations without disrupting the supply chain. UCSD selected Transcepta because of their proven supplier onboarding process, and Transcepta’s status as the only P2P solution with an Oracle Validated…

Apr 23 @  11:00am

Spring is known as a time of renewal, of transformation, not unlike what customers are experiencing as they consider moving from JDE or EBS to the Cloud. Those innovative companies that have crossed that bridge are unlocking the power of their organizations by having Oracle’s Cloud solutions free up their people from performing routine, non-value-added…

Last month we told you about Modern Business Experience (MBX) in Chicago, March 23–26, 2020. This is a conference for CX, finance, HR, and supply chain professionals – a showcase for Oracle’s cloud applications. Each of the four product areas has its own targeted programs where attendees can focus on their specialty or choose to sample several content areas. Many of us have already registered to attend.

Angela Wilson, Senior Solutions Architect at CSS, wrote an Oracle blog about three considerations for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to keep in mind when looking into Cloud procurement systems.

Quest has secured a number of discount passes available only to our members for $995—which is a $1,000 savings off the onsite rate. Register with code QUEST. We’ll look for you near our booth at the MBX Hub.

As part of Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2019, Manish Somani, Senior Director of Product Development at Oracle, and David Scott, Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, presented an overview of the plans for a solution to help companies manage their joint ventures in Oracle Cloud. The pair shared an overview of the Oracle Fusion Joint Venture Management Cloud and the planned features and benefits throughout the lifecycle of a joint venture.