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Oct 7 @  11:00am

  Want an in-depth look at the tools helping COOs and CFOs and their teams navigate change and move forward? Register to see Oracle Cloud in action. Click below for details on live and on-demand sessions. Finance Sessions: https://go.oracle.com/LP=98330?elqCampaignId=262450&src1=:ex:pw::::Quest&SC=:ex:pw::::Quest&pcode=WWMK200804P00209 Navigate a Crisis with Scenario Planning- October 7th at 11 AM ET  Improve Forecasting to Optimize Cash…

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, David Hoelscher, Enterprise Learning Strategist at Oracle University, presented an introduction to Oracle Guided Learning and other learning approaches. Hoelscher also discussed best practices for deploying Modern Learning.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, Floyd Teter, Senior Director at Oracle HCM Development Center of Excellence, discussed how to maintain a regular cadence living in the cloud – specifically Oracle Cloud HCM. Teter specializes in HCM, but it is important to note that the majority of the information in the presentation is applicable across Oracle Cloud.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, ATCO (Alberta Trailer Company) Group's Ella Kulyk gave a presentation on Oracle Cloud Security from the customer perspective.

As part of Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, Rahul Asthana, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Oracle SCM, presented how to optimize your supply chain performance with Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM).

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President of Oracle Corporate Operations, shared the [email protected] story about the Oracle corporate team’s internal journey to the cloud.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Whether looking to add new capabilities to extend Oracle SaaS or create ways to support new business models, companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver innovation on top of modern ERP/SCM/HCM and CX systems. Oracle Cloud Platform's intelligent automation capability combines the AI/ML power of Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Integration, Oracle Visual Builder, and Oracle Content and Experience to automate and design new experiences across and beyond Oracle SaaS. Join this session to see how Oracle’s AI-powered, developer-friendly Cloud Platform enables Oracle SaaS extensibility while ensuring upgrades, and assimilates intelligent automation seamlessly. Hear how a customer was empowered to deliver innovative ways to engage with Oracle SaaS.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Sucess of Organzation is depends on Strong supply managment chain and have a strong Vendor and Supplier to support the Enteprise. It is very imporant to define End to End Business process coverage for supplier and Vendor process in the system It need extend strong backbone your apps with Procument cloud to achive the supplier on-boarding, monotring, evlauation.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Product companies which plan & operate manufacturing facilities or manage outsourced manufacturing face an increasing array of challenges related to:

The global trade shifting landscape

Managing a customer centric supply chain

The continuing challenges of staying cost competitive while maintaining on time in full delivery commitments.

Integrated Business Planning & Execution is a new approach to conventional Business Planning designed to help businesses make better decisions, faster. Come learn how customers can use Oracle Supply Chain products to anticipate demand, align the enterprise & achieve business objectives. Integrated business planning & execution provides the right material & financial plans to support decisions made at the speed of business. Develop an understanding of Integrated Business Planning & Execution. How Oracle innovations in guided resolution, machine learning & intuitive user interfaces can help your company enhance key performance metrics like forecast

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Meet ATCO - a Canadian utility company that went live with Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM on October 2018. Hear about our security journey from project mode to operations, and everything we've learned since go live. Topics will include security structure, security setup learnings, elevated access management, security change management, and general security challenges.