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A note to the Commerce Pros Community

Dear Members,
The integration of the Commerce Pros Community into the Quest Oracle Community is now complete!

We’re excited to welcome you to our new home at Quest, where you’ll find your fellow members in the new Oracle CX Commerce special interest group and past Insight session recordings and other educational content already uploaded to the Quest library. ​

All members will receive a series of onboarding and welcome emails from the Quest community providing instructions for activating your new account on the Quest website.

To get the most out of your Quest member experience, follow this short checklist: ​ 

If you have questions or need help logging in, please contact the Quest Engagement Team at [email protected].

Mark your calendars as well for Quest Experience Week, Dec 7 – 11, which will include a robust agenda of virtual CX sessions. And don’t forget to sign up for the Quest Cloud Community newsletter, which is expanding to include Oracle Commerce news and information.​

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to add to your list of accepted email senders in order to receive your Commerce Pros updates from Quest.​

All the best,​
David Lyle, CommercePros Board of Directors
Jon Vaughn, CEO, Quest Oracle Community

Quest and CommercePros to Create an Integrated Destination for Oracle Apps, Technology and Developer AudiencesRead the press release:
CommercePros to Join Quest Oracle Community


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