May 7 - May 10, 2024

Building the future-ready organization
Dallas, TX | Hilton Anatole

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Special Program: Cross Apps Technology

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With the rapid advance of digital automation, scalability, connectivity and artificial intelligence, companies must re-imagine their work environments as well as the way their teams works.  Staying abreast of emerging tech and strategic solutions that help organizations prepare for what’s to come is ever more critical in the quickly changing world. Are you well-informed? Is your company future-ready? 

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Join special guest speakers, industry experts and tech leaders in this year’s Cross-App Tech program as they explore the following hot topic tracks:

Artificial Intelligence:
AI Today (& Tomorrow): is your company ready?

  • Hear from special guest speaker George Danner, futurist and AI Expert, on how to put AI to work for your business
  • Get the latest on embedded AI from Oracle
  • Learn more about generative AI – what it is and how it works
  • See how other companies are organizing themselves to manage AI within their businesses
  • Find out about innovative use cases for AI
  • Get insights on governance and risk management

Strategic Tech:
Insights and updates on other emerging technologies

  • Learn about natural language processing
  • Get the latest on edge computing
  • Find out more about robotic process automation
  • Dig into business process mining and other hot topics

Oracle Database:
Updates and information

  • Hear from the Oracle product strategy team
  • Stay in the loop on 23c and what’s to come
  • Take a closer look at new and existing features
  • Learn the latest on Database in the Cloud
  • Dive into hot topics with other Oracle DB customers

Session Highlights

Artificial Intelligence:

Demystifying Generative AI and Its Benefits for Business

Presented by:
Natalia Rachelson, GVP Cloud Applications Development, Oracle

Have you ever wanted an automated assistant to help you write job descriptions, career goals, legal notes, compliance reports, or financial reporting footnotes and disclosures? Do you dream of being freed from tedious work so you can focus on reviews and edits? Enter generative AI. Discover how Oracle plans to leverage the latest advancements in AI to unleash a new era of superior productivity by making Oracle Fusion Apps users more effective and inventive. Learn about the most common generative AI use cases across hire-to-retire, quote-to-cash, and procure-to-pay as well as for supply chain management and manufacturing. Plus, discuss appropriate data governance and how humans will continue to stay in control.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is Cool. But is it relevant to my business? Probably, and here is how

Presented by:
George Danner, Technology Futurist, Author and AI Consultant

AI is the most talked-about subject among business leaders today, getting top billing at places like the World Economic Forum in Davos. There is a general feeling that AI advances in the last two years are important, perhaps even groundbreaking, but most firms struggle with the relevance of AI to their own businesses. AI seems like a far away dream, not a practical technology that companies large and small can exploit today.

History has taught us that waiting for the “right moment” to jump onto a technology platform is a fool’s errand at best. Alternatively, the smart money seeks to understand the technology and the various ways to experiment with its use, in low-risk fashion, along the company’s value chain.

We have been applying AI for 25 years, long before it was cool. We’ve made many, many mistakes. We’ve discovered some surprising truths. Along the way we’ve learned a great deal about AI and its practical applications that almost any business can embrace. Yes, AI is powerful, and applied thoughtfully it can propel many businesses to a level of efficiency and value creation that is unmatched by its AI-challenged competitors. But just like any powerful force, it must be managed carefully.

In our talk we will be reaching out to practically-oriented business leaders and technologists who are intrigued by the headlines, but are at a loss as to how (and where, and how much) to start with AI. We will offer a few methodical and systematic steps to get to a smarter, 2.0 version of the company that you are today.

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Oracle Database:

Oracle Database What’s New, What’s Next…

Presented by:
Sean Stacey, Director of Product Development, Oracle

Get an update on the latest Oracle Database news and developments. Get a sneak preview—directly from the Oracle Database development team and find out what’s coming next in the Oracle Database, including innovations in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Whether you’re a Developer, DBA, or Data Scientist, whether your language of choice is SQL or NoSQL, or whether you’re storing relational information, Vectors or Graphs, or even JSON documents, there’s something for you. Attend this session and see what Oracle has in store for you.


Cross-Functional Analytics Across Finance, Procurement, and Supply Chain

Presented by:
Ashlesh Bajpai, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle

Fusion Analytics delivers end-to-end visibility and machine learning insights across all aspects of your business operations. It seamlessly combines order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, plan-to-produce, and logistics data to assess performance, identify customer service issues, and manage business risks. Through case studies and demonstrations, you’ll see how customers are spending less time building and maintaining their finance, supply chain and manufacturing analytics solution, and more time driving superior business outcomes.

Guest Speakers

George Danner
Technology Futurist, Author and AI Consultant

George Danner is an influencer in the field of data science. He is an AI consultant and Author of the Executives How-to Guide to Automation. He has been solving complex business problems with science and math for over 30 years. He is the founder and president of Business Laboratory LLC, an award-winning consultancy that helps mid-size and large organizations improve their performance through problem-solving, optimization, and forecasting.

George is passionate about applying the scientific method and the latest technologies to strategic planning and decision-making. He has worked with clients from various industries, including energy, pharma, retail, and finance, and has published two books on automation and data science for business. He also received the Wolfram Innovator Award, which recognizes his contribution to advancing the usage of Wolfram Alpha, a programming language that uses Mathematica for computational knowledge. George’s mission is to empower businesses and governments with the tools and techniques of data science and to inspire them to embrace the infinite possibilities of automation.

Natalia Rachelson
GVP Cloud Applications Development, Oracle

Natalia Rachelson is Oracle’s group vice president of cloud applications development. She and her team are responsible for outbound product management and product innovation for the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. The Suite serves the needs of over 14,000 customers worldwide across every business function including finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and marketing. The world’s largest, best-known brands across almost every industry rely upon Oracle Fusion Applications to solve their biggest, most complex challenges and move their business forward.

Sean Stacey
Director, Product Management, Oracle

Sean Stacey is an Outbound Product Manager at Oracle with over 20 years specializing in the Oracle Database. He provides technical advisory services and education to Oracle customers and partners. Sean has authored several white papers and blog articles and frequently speaks at Oracle user conferences.

Prior to joining Oracle, Sean was a software developer and then an Oracle Database Administrator in Australia, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ashlesh Bajpai
Vice President, Product Management, Oracle

Ash is Vice President of product management for ERP and SCM analytics at Oracle. He owns the roadmap and adoption of Oracle Fusion ERP & SCM Analytics. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked in supply chain, manufacturing, and finance as an Oracle customer and partner. At SunPower, he led business technology team for CFO & COO organizations. Ash led ERP implementation efforts at Fortune 100 companies while employed at Accenture.

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