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Oracle Database 19c SIG Meeting

Please join us for the first-ever Oracle Database 19c Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting!


  • Five reasons to upgrade your database to Oracle Database 19c by Biju Thomas
    • Oracle Database 19c is the long-term release. 19c would be a release similar to 8.1.7 or, where a lot of customers will adapt and stick to it for a long time. There are many new features and benefits you have with 19c if you are running on an 11g or 12c database version. We will highlight the top 5 reasons why you should think about 19c now.
  • Discussion: What are the cloud options for the Oracle database?
    • When designing the cloud strategy for the enterprise, you leave out Oracle databases, thinking Oracle database can run only on Oracle cloud. What platforms and services are available for running Oracle database workloads in the cloud?
  • Open forum:
    • What do you expect from a SIG?
    • What are the challenges you have with the Oracle database?
    • What topics or speakers you like to hear in this SIG?