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Oracle Public Sector (OPS) Tools & Tech Meeting: February 2022


Join us for our monthly Oracle Public Sector (OPS) Tools & Technology meeting!

Why Keeping PeopleTools Versions Up to Date is Important

Presented by Arvind Rajan, Astute Business Solutions

Customers are facing ever-increasing security threats from internal and external actors and keeping PeopleSoft and the sensitive data within PeopleSoft secure is more important than ever. Staying on a current and supported version of PeopleTools allows PeopleSoft customers to get Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) and maintain a proactive posture. Customers should also look at options within PeopleTools and third-party options to further enhance security for PeopleSoft, including but not limited to passwordless authentication, data masking, data encryption, and so on. In this session, we will explore the challenges of staying current, the security disadvantages of not being current, and some best practices to improve PeopleSoft security.