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Char Jorgenson, Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy, recently presented an overview of the digital assistant, PICASO, with a quick video demonstration for employee and supplier digital assistants.

PICASO can provide your employees and suppliers with an anytime, anywhere, concierge-like experience via simple conversation interaction. Utilizing the Supplier Digital Assistant with PeopleSoft Intelligent Chatbot Assistant from Oracle (PICASO), the Collaboration Skills provide suppliers with secure access to transaction information and answers to their questions regarding Procurement and Financial activity.

Check out this preview of the BLUEPRINT 4D session “Growing Pains: What to Do When It’s Time to Archive!” 

Countless organizations rely on their ERP systems to manage big data, but how many have a good plan in place to archive as that data starts to become too large? High storage costs and poor performance are consequences of not archiving in a timely manner and can result in organizations wasting time and money on additional space and tuning when the best solution may be to consider reducing what’s in the database. Come learn how the State of Kansas has archived and purged old data to keep its PeopleSoft FSCM system nimble while still meeting record retention needs.

PeopleSoft Week is where Oracle users of all levels can explore current PeopleSoft challenges and solutions, hone your PeopleSoft skills, get new ideas and expand your PeopleSoft product knowledge. Featuring a selection of hot topic sessions, you’ll hear from the PeopleSoft experts and gain insights and tips you can put to use right away! View…

Plans for the Peoplesoft Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D are shaping up nicely, with a host of product experts lined up to share the latest and greatest from Oracle. In this blog series, we’ll interview key speakers and learn what they’re most looking forward to as the Quest community prepares to gather for its first in-person event in over two years.

Dave Bain, Senior Director of Product Development at Oracle, sat down with us this week to talk PeopleSoft at BLUEPRINT 4D.

Hear about how both the State of North Dakota and the North Dakota University System streamlined their PeopleSoft Automated Testing operations by using PTF and Testing Grounds. Testing a PeopleSoft patch is usually a major undertaking for any organization. However, the State of North Dakota (ND State) and the North Dakota University System (NDUS) had the added complication of maintaining six separate pillars, including Campus Solutions, Financials, Human Capital Management, and Enterprise Learning. Staying current is no easy task, so ND State and NDUS teamed up with SpearMC to implement an automated testing solution that drastically lessened the burden on staff and improved defect identification. We will discuss how we implemented PeopleSoft Test Framework, where our Testing Grounds bolt-on fits into the equation, and how we are supporting their patching moving forward.

Speaker(s): Tarunraj Amuthan (Manager, Test Automation) and Randall Johnson (Vice President), SpearMC

This session will cover new and unexplored features in PeopleTools 8.59 including Fluid UI, Lifecycle, Kibana Analytics, PeopleCode and more.  There is sure to be something for everyone.

Speaker: Sasank Vemana, Oracle

PeopleSoft HCM Strategy Product Management Director, Tammy Boyles, recently presented new Kibana visualizations that can keep the recruiter on track and the recruiting administrator in the know. During the presentation, Tammy covered updates that have not yet been delivered and are covered by the forward-looking, safe harbor statement.