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Page Field configuration framework introduced in PeopleTools 8.55 is a significant tool aimed at reducing customization i.e. ‘code changes’, by achieving the same requirements via online configurations. In addition to this objective of reducing customization, this framework opens up a wide range of new possibilities for PeopleSoft customers. In this session learn how this framework can be…

The PeopleSoft Test Framework has been available as a PeopleTool for over a decade and has seen a good adoption rate by PSFT clients. It is heavily utilized by Oracle Development itself and serves to test their HCM/FSCM PUM images before each release. Over the 61 implementations of PTF Elire has developed solutions that cover…

As part of PeopleSoft Industry Day 2019, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of PeopleSoft Product Management at Oracle, discussed the strategy for Oracle’s ongoing PeopleSoft investment strategy by envisioning an organization that is maximizing their PeopleSoft investment and is leveraging the full capability of today’s delivered PeopleSoft. Jackson covered the overall PeopleSoft strategy and roadmap for future enhancements currently in plans or development.

As part of PeopleSoft Industry Day 2019, Jian Wen and Madhavi Makkapati, Product Strategy Directors from Oracle, spoke about new paradigm shifts, innovative frameworks, and features and functionality within PeopleSoft Financials that can help users work more efficiently and with more visibility.

Sep 5 @  4:00am

Attend this session to see a demonstration of the usage of PeopleSoft Dropzones. An expert from the PeopleSoft development organization will take you through a series of exercises demonstrating various situations that can be handled using Dropzones. Use this opportunity to ask questions to the expert as well. It is recommended that you watch the…

Sep 5 @  2:30am

Attend this session to learn about the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework (CIF). PeopleSoft CIF is a set of tools and content delivered in Enterprise Components using latest People Tools 8.57 features that lets PeopleSoft applications use chatbots that are defined in Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA). An expert from the PeopleSoft development organization will take you…

Developing pages with Fluid, PeopleSoft’s latest user interface, may seem intimidating. In this session you will learn key differences between Classic and Fluid in order to become productive and effective in Fluid. In this session you will learn the fastest way to convert a Classic page to Fluid as well as how to effectively handle…

At COLLABORATE 19, Matthew Haavisto and Deepankar Narayanan, members of the Oracle PeopleTools team, spoke about recent enhancements to PeopleSoft analytics and how you can leverage them in your organization. The pair discussed thresholds and notifications, new features for pivot grids, adding analytics to the navigation bar, homepage, and dashboard, Kibana visualizations, and more.

In PeopleSoft Now! episode three, there are several important topics being discussed – the PeopleSoft Innovators program, PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and the PeopleSoft FSCM investment strategy. Logesh Balasubramaniam, Director of PeopleSoft Cloud and Digital Services at Presence of IT, and David Bain, Senior Director of PeopleTools Product Management, join to discuss PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Madhavi Makkapati, PeopleSoft Product Strategy Director from the PeopleSoft FSCM team, also joins to discuss the ongoing investment strategy for PeopleSoft Financials products.

In PeopleSoft Now! episode two, Tammy Boyles from the PeopleSoft HCM team, Medi Goker and Mike Soulier from the Oracle Support team, join to discuss hot topics like notifications and alerts, Fluid Benefits Enrollment and Recruiting, and Applications Unlimited.

Aug 7 @  2:00pm

WorkStrategy will review 9.2 HCM self service functionality including recent PUM enhancements and features. Presenters will discuss customer case studies, project planning, reporting and workflow tools, and configuration options for homepages, navigation collections, and tiles. A partial list of topics covered will include Employee and Manager Self Service, eBenefits and Life Events, OnBoarding, Employee Snapshot,…

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 31 was recently released and is jam-packed with new functionality and enhancements. Many of these enhancements came from customer suggestions in the Community Idea Spaces on My Oracle Support.

101580 Presented at RECONNECT 19

WorkStrategy will provide attendees with a detailed overview of ePerformance and eComp implementation tips and best practices, including related Fluid dashboard and self-service pages.  Learn how to leverage 9.2 ePerformance WorkCenter functionality, template configuration, and integrated compensation cycle administration.

Presenters will demonstrate how PeopleSoft customers can support annual merit, bonus, and stock plan management with intuitive manager worksheets, flexible calculation rules, employee statements, and modeling capabilities.

Presented by Brian McIntyre, WorkStrategy, Inc.

101540 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Since our 2006 implementation, Hennepin County has had a growing list of enhancement requests for self-service that our users would LOVE to be able to do within the system – personnel actions, automobile use requests, mobile device stipends, security access, add/modify positions, etc. They landed with a thud on IT’s worklist… more to-do’s on a long list waiting for a developer or after review was not a priority to automate.

After struggling with the delivered PS Forms Builder, we started using configurable GT eForms for PeopleSoft in 2017. We’ll discuss what we’ve built, how we’ve developed our in-house skills for creating dynamic PeopleSoft-based forms, and the impact on our business processes. We’ll demonstrate how our new Finance Security eForm delivers an intuitive and attractive user experience, executes our business rules, auto-defaults data, dynamically routes for approvals, and automatically updates PeopleSoft…all built by the County and without modifying delivered objects!

Presented by Serena Gregor, Hennepin County

101450 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Is your organization struggling with how to properly execute PUM updates? In this presentation, we will walk through a successful FSCM PUM update project. We will discuss the overall approach, the timeline, the resources required, the project structure, major tasks and activities, success factors, and lessons learned.  This presentation will assist your organization with content to support a successful PUM update.

Presented by Shannon Roche, MIPRO Consulting

101430 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Oracle keeps delivering great new tools to help PeopleSoft clients “de-modify” their systems. The newest is Drop Zones, delivered in the newly-released PeopleTools 8.57.

We’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement Drop Zones, as well as two other “go vanilla” tools – Page and Field Configurator and Event Mapping.

The second half of the session will focus on “go vanilla” strategy. When does it make sense to use each of these tools? Is there still a “right time” for custom development? How do you implement a successful “bolt-on” strategy that minimizes upgrade impact, but still expands system value and targets unique requirements?

Come get the vision and the tools to implement Oracle’s best practices strategy to de-modify. Vanilla really is the best PeopleSoft flavor!

Presented by Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor Consulting

101380 Presented at RECONNECT 19

PeopleSoft’s delivered 9.2 Fluid OnBoarding offers a compelling, accessible onboarding experience for new employees. There are some hurdles, though, that can make delivered Onboarding an impractical solution. These include:
-How do you transition data from your Applicant Tracking System to Onboarding to Hire without manual steps and data re-entry?
-To prevent duplicate IDs, you want to gather their birthdate and SSN using Onboarding to see if they already have IDs, but they can’t access Onboarding without an Emplid and a UserID…
-You want them to start Onboarding before their first day of work, especially Section 1 of the I-9, but they can’t access Onboarding until they are hired in Job Data.
-The delivered Onboarding steps are nice, but you need to meet requirements unique to your organization.

The good news is that all these hurdles can be, well, hurdled! We’ll present solutions for each, painting a realistic picture of how delivered 9.2 Fluid Onboarding can work for you.

Presented by Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor Consulting

101300 Presented at RECONNECT 19

Hennepin County discovered the benefits of using the Page & Field Configurator during their "Get Current" project to Image 27.  This session will show users how Hennepin County used the tool.  It will also include a live demo showing how to use it.

Presented by Pamela Dymoke, Hennepin County

100950 Presented at RECONNECT 19 This session will discuss St. Paul Public Schools' PeopleSoft migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The migration leveraged Terraform to quickly build the OCI network, servers, backup schedules and more. Using Terraform let SPPS define their infrastructure as code, version it, and quickly deploy and change their infrastructure. Jeff Cummings, St. Paul…

100930 Presented at RECONNECT 19 The Deployment Packages (DPKs) is a great tool for PeopleSoft Administrators to deploy PeopleSoft environments quickly. This session will cover strategies for admins to manage DPK configuration, testing DPK changes with Continuous Integration, eliminating redundant Hiera data and using Puppet environments. Additionally, this session covers learning how to manage the DPKs…

100430 Presented at RECONNECT 19 Creating and maintaining SmartHR templates has now become one of the very significant tasks for Human Resources departments. This session will illustrate the best practices that University of Colorado adopted in creating and maintaining SmartHR templates. The facts and myths around configuration versus customization in templates will also be discussed in…

100400 Presented at RECONNECT 19 While PeopleSoft Test Framework is an extremely useful tool as a PUM analytical tool right out of the box, there are opportunities to enhance the PTF usefulness.  This presentation will demonstrate custom tools that enhance the usability of PTF and present a quick administrative view of the progress and use of…

100890 PeopleTools Upgrade to 8.57 Presented at RECONNECT 19 Avalonbay successfully upgraded PeopleTools 8.55 to 8.57.  Migrating to the new release opened up opportunities for implementing new features like new version of Elastic Search, Classic Plus, AWE and tools enhancements- new features that allow users to modify page objects and business rules without customization. Jun…

100860 Advanced PeopleSoft Development Techniques Presented at RECONNECT 19 This presentation will detail some of the lesser known techniques for developing within PeopleSoft.  This will include: - Coding using MetaSQL - Using Dynamic SQL to configuration based programs - Performance Tuning application engine programs - RowSet vs Set based processing design - Coding to minimize…

100850 Troubleshooting and Tuning PeopleSoft Applications Presented at RECONNECT 19 This presentation will cover identifying system performance issues within the PeopleSoft applications, as well as provide suggestions for tuning. One-third of the class will focus on tuning the application stack (e.g. Web and App server), where the remaining two-thirds of the class will cover identifying…