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Oracle Cloud HCM -Let's Talk Tech: Cloud HCM Security - Beyond Roles


HCM – Let’s Talk Tech: Cloud HCM Security – Beyond Roles


We’re no longer tied to accessing systems exclusively from terminals in an office, store, or facility. We expect to connect from our phones, using conversation, and to integrate and share information with approved 3rd Parties. We expect the freedom to connect from anywhere. However, we still want the assurance of security and privacy protection, and for many enterprises, we want additional security and audit capability to include controls for the “how & where” of access. Join our Cloud HCM Center of Excellence (CoE) solution experts in this session to look beyond the use of Roles Based Access Controls that say “who can do what” and to explore features for controlling “where” and “how”. We will talk about the 3 A’s of information security (Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing), location-based controls (LBAC). And we’ll share tips on defending in depth. Please spread the word and bring your colleagues along with you!

Presented by:

  • Prasanna Borse, CISSP, CISM, Director, Product Development, Oracle Cloud HCM
  • Sunil Kashyap, Director, Product Development, Oracle Cloud HCM

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