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Communities in Learning Cloud: Deep Dive and Best Practices (Session 63)

Part of the Oracle Cloud HCM Coaches Corner Webinar Series

In this session, we will go through Communities in Learning Cloud and show how you can get the most out of them.


  • Explain what a Community is, go through the different types of Communities, and see what they are used for.
  • Go through a use case where Communities are used enabling Learners to browse the Learning Catalog
  • Show a use case of how to use Official Communities in Learning Cloud.
  • Explain how you can use Communities to automate learning recommendations.
  • Look closer at an example of a Self-Service Community can be used.

There will be an opportunity to get answers to questions at the end of the session.


About the Oracle Cloud HCM Coaches Corner Webinar Series

Oracle Cloud HCM Coaches Corner is a webinar series designed to help our community members maximize the value of their HCM investment. Every week you will find engaging topics such
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  • Sessions are 60 minutes
  • Delivered by Oracle Cloud HCM experts, Partners, and even Customers


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  • The content is relevant for CHROs, HR Business Leaders, Oracle Cloud HCM Applications Super Users/Functional Experts, Line of Business Subject Matter Experts, and Information Technology Professionals.

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