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Oracle Demo Series: Move Finance Forward

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How can finance teams plan for what’s ahead in an environment of constant change and disruption?

Forward-thinking CFOs are accelerating their adoption of digital tools designed to help them model multiple scenarios, optimize cash flow, strengthen their balance sheets, and connect data across lines of business.

Join our finance demo series to see these tools in action. We’ll demonstrate how Oracle Cloud can help leaders like you navigate uncertainty, maintain resilience, and chart a path to growth.

Move finance forward: register for live sessions or watch the webinars on demand.

Finance Sessions: https://go.oracle.com/LP=98330?elqCampaignId=262450&src1=:ex:pw::::Quest&SC=:ex:pw::::Quest&pcode=WWMK200804P00209

  • Navigate a Crisis with Scenario Planning- October 7th at 11 AM ET 
  • Improve Forecasting to Optimize Cash Flow – October 21st at 11 AM ET 
  • Reallocate and Refocus with Zero-Based Budgeting – November 4th at 11 AM ET 
  • Align Financial and Operational Planning – November 18th at 11 AM ET