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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

In this session, we will discuss the tools available for integrating data with Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM. This discussion will include the different patterns of integration that exist, the strategic considerations that go into choosing an integration tool and some more detailed discussion on particular tools (SOA Cloud Service, MFT Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud).

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Managing your rebate and incentive programs shouldn’t be an epic adventure. Stop hunting for through spreadsheets and cobbling data from different systems, and start finding your rebate ‘treasure’!

In this session, we will look at pro tips that will help you uncover underclaimed funding, overpaid claims, and optimize complex incentive programs to drive the most revenue.  We will examine proven business practices, shared by industry leaders like Sony, Reynolds Co., and AB Inbev, to simplify and bring clarity to revenue management processes—from rebates and chargebacks to accruals and payment fulfillment. 

Don’t let rebate and incentive programs overwhelm you.  Join us to learn more about how you and your company can recover the lost rebate treasure that you seek, and improve revenue, control costs, and increase margin all at the same time!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020 

ATCO Group is a US$21 billion enterprise with 6,000 staff worldwide in diverse industries such as gas, electricity, pipelines, liquids, energy, and construction. ATCO realized that in order to remain an industry leader, it had to embark on a transformative journey to simplify and standardize processes while also creating an efficient shared-services model. Join this session to trace ATCO's journey through deployment of the Oracle Cloud suite and hear their current cloud benefits and challenges after living in Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud. 

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020 

There was once a time when professionals learned primarily by sitting in a room and listening to an instructor lecture. Today, in modern learning environments, organizations have evolved to using new, flexible, convenient, and very effective, alternative, and hybrid delivery formats. In this session, we will discuss how to leverage modern learning to set your Oracle Cloud implementation on the fast track to success, using examples from multiple Oracle applications. Learn best practices for using modern learning and methods for deploying digital learning, in-application Guided Learning, and hybrid classroom and on-demand approaches. Come check out this session to learn how to take advantage of modern learning for a successful Oracle Cloud implementation. 

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020 

Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG is hosting a networking session at COLLABORATE 20 for attendees to discuss any and all topics related to ERP Cloud. All attendees are encouraged to participate no matter where they are in their Cloud journey. Discussions will cover those considering migrating as well as best practices and tips for those already running ERP Cloud including streamlining business processes, lowering costs and improving controls.  This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, share your story and learn from others. Build relationships that you can take with you after the conference and continue the conversation through Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG, which meets virtually throughout the year.  

Sara Lipowsky, Solution Engineer at Oracle, gave a demonstration of a digital assistant that pulls live data from several sources. The chatbot in this example was built for the internal finance team at an insurance company, so put yourself in the shoes of a busy finance director. You’re in and out of meetings all day and making influential decisions. Luckily, those decisions are based mostly on data. However, when your data is located on multiple dashboards on dispersed systems, accessing the numbers you need can be tedious. You could have all of these dashboards open on multiple windows and tabs, but that can often be overwhelming. What if you’re on the go or in a meeting and need access to your data right then and there? These are some of the pains that today’s finance directors face. The solution is Oracle’s digital assistant.

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 105440 This session will present a case study of one of Elire’s Financial Services Clients Implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP. Learn how this Project helped to reduce manual tasks, increase controls, reduce long audit cycles, and improve financial reporting. Join Elire to hear the implementation success story from start to…

Preparing your organization for a successful migration to the SaaS Cloud.

Objective: Provide organizations with insight into what changes & activities are required from pre-project planning through post production support & maintenance to better position them for successful migration from on-premise legacy applications so SAAS Cloud

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 110210

In the fast paced world of commerce, time and focus are valuable to businesses large and small. The Oracle Cloud Expense module is a powerful tool designed to facilitate expense maintenance while streamlining workflows. Attend this session to learn how YUM! Brands applied their expense module to allow management to focus on what is most important in our business while maintaining the necessary oversight to prevent fraud. Delegation is a topic that can be applied to all users to ensure they are spending their time in the most cost effective way possible.

Presented by Angela Beckman, Yum Brands

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 102860

In a world where your enterprise landscape extends both overhead in the clouds and scattered across the ground, it can be difficult to understand how you might integrate all of these disparate solutions with ERP Cloud. This session explores how Caesars Entertainment tackled this challenge and provided a solution that seamlessly automates 50+ ERP Cloud integrations. We'll discuss several tools, including File Based Date Import, BI Publisher, Enterprise Service Bus/Integration Cloud Service, SFTP connectivity and SOAP Services. We will also illustrate how Caesars achieved a standard, yet flexible toolkit to connect their existing integrations with ERP Cloud.

Presented by Lee Huff, Grant Thornton LLP