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JDE E-Commerce: Major Technology & Architecture Trends


IBM selling WebSphere Commerce to HCL speaks volumes about the decline of monolithic applications to more agile architectures. The one platform delivering all services model is declining.

A COMPONENT-BASED API centric, Services Oriented, Public Cloud Enabled & DevOps (combining development with operations) JDE/ERP/Other integrated platform approach will enable faster go-live with lower TCO.

Live EASYCommerce / JDE 9.2 demo:

1. REST API Extensions: Native Mobile App, Live-Chat, Gateway-Choice, Google Translate & Analytics, CRM & Social Media.

2. RAD Platform: PDF Pricebook Auto Create, Warranty, Serial # Registration & ST/OT.

3. Client Personalization: Freight Choice/Logic, Inventory / Branch Plant Location Optimization


Presented by Doug Palaske, Director of Sales/Marketing, K-Rise Systems